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8 Signs You Need Heating and Cooling Repair 

8 Signs You Need Heating and Cooling Repair

Are you suspecting that you may need heating and cooling repair services? Thanks to the harsh weather conditions like winter and summer, our heating and cooling systems often determine the comfort and warmth in our homes.

HVAC systems are quite delicate; thus, they require regular maintenance and immediate repairs to work effectively. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know when their heating and cooling systems need immediate repairs. This article will highlight the eight telltale signs.

1. High Energy Bills

Have you noticed higher than normal energy bills? Then, the problem could be your HVAC system’s efficiency. A higher gas bill could also be an indicator of heating system malfunction.

As time passes, your heating and cooling system becomes less effective. This reduction in efficiency may lead to the HVAC system struggling to heat or cool your home. Thus, you may notice that the house takes a long time to cool down or heat up.

While utility companies sometimes raise their prices, they do it gradually. Thus, if there is a sudden increase in energy and gas bills, it may be time to call in a professional HVAC expert to have a look at your unit.

2. Lower Quality Indoor Air

The quality of your indoor air can’t be seen or measured. However, you may notice that your home is too hazy and stuffy, filled with dust and other particles. Low-quality indoor air could indicate that you need heating and cooling repair services as soon as possible.

Malfunctioning heating and cooling units are infamous for spreading mildew spores, dust, allergens, and debris around the house.

One of the major characteristics of poor quality indoor air is a spike in allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses. To solve this problem, try checking the filter; it could be damaged or in need of cleaning.

3. Your Unit Experiences Short Cycles

When a unit short cycles, it could be intermittently going off and on. Your thermostat is responsible for regulating your indoor temperature and ensuring your HVAC unit maintains this temperature. However, if you notice that your system is short cycling, the problem could be coming from the system itself and not the thermostat.

Short cycling could indicate a severe HVAC unit malfunction, as this issue only occurs when there is an overheating of the heat exchanger. An overheated heating exchanger leads to the shutdown of your entire HVAC unit.

After the exchanger is cool enough, the system may turn on again, and the cycle continues. Short cycles only mean one thing: you need urgent HVAC repair.

4. Too Many Repairs and Component Replacements Within a Short Period

It is common to experience heating system and air conditioning repairs. However, if you notice that you have had too many repairs and component replacements within a short period of time, there could be an underlying issue.

If you’re operating an old and outdated HVAC system, it’s quite hard to find replacement components for broken parts. Thus, it’s more sensible to replace the whole system. Many component replacements within a short period of time could mean that your heating and cooling unit is broken and needs serious repairs.

Contact reputable experts such as Larsen Heating and Air Conditioning to have a look at your unit.

5. Your System Is Too Old

Heating and cooling systems are just like every other home equipment. They are prone to normal wear and tear after operating for numerous years. Generally, an HVAC unit’s life expectancy is often around 15-25 years.

If your unit is almost at the 25-year threshold, you should consider replacing it. Most old units often break down and are inefficient, leading to high energy costs and constant repairs.

6. You Need to Adjust Your Thermostat Constantly

Have you noticed that you’re waking up many times throughout the night to adjust the thermostat? Then, this could be an indicator that something is wrong with your unit. If you’re having trouble getting your thermostat to maintain a specific temperature in your home, the problem could be with your unit and not the thermostat.

Your unit could be unevenly distributing warmth in your home. For this reason, some rooms may feel cold while others are warm. Contact a repair service immediately if you notice this issue to avoid complete breakdowns in the middle of winter.

7. Leakage Issues

Moisture and leakage issues on your HVAC unit are an indicator that there could be a potential problem. When you notice moisture collecting around your unit, it may be time to contact a heating and AC repair service near you.

Leaks are an indication of two things: a refrigerant leak or a broken drainage tube. Leaking refrigerant is hazardous to the health of the people living under your roof. Thus, it’s advisable to contact an expert to have a look at the issue immediately.

8. Strange Sounds Coming From the Unit

If your unit produces any strange sounds such as squealing and grinding, it could be a sign that there is a significant problem requiring urgent repair. Some parts of your system may be grinding against one another, causing the unit to produce strange noises.

Don’t attempt to check the unit on your own; contact an HVAC specialist to examine your unit and diagnose the problem. They will also repair and replace any broken components, restoring your unit’s efficiency and smooth operation.

Are You Ready to Hire a Heating and Cooling Repair Service?

Have you noticed any of the above signs in your heating and cooling unit? Then, it may be time to contact a heating and cooling repair service. Your HVAC unit is quite delicate. Thus, it’s advisable to address any issues immediately to avoid making the situation worse.

Fortunately, you can avoid unexpected repairs by scheduling an annual HVAC unit maintenance. The HVAC contractor will check all the components of your units to ensure everything is working at maximum efficiency.

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