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How to Donate Furniture 

How to Donate Furniture

You cleared out your last college dorm and are now a college graduate. But what do you do with all that extra furniture? Your old futon, mini-fridge, and bean-bag chair won’t do you much good now that you’re footloose and fancy-free.

Instead of leaving them to languish on the curb, why not donate them to someone who can use them?

So before you start dumping all your old stuff, think about how to donate furniture and if donating it to a worthy cause.

You can feel good knowing that you’re helping somebody else out.

Planning Ahead of Time on How to Donate Furniture

When considering donating furniture, it is important to take the necessary steps to prepare the furniture. This will ensure that the furniture is in good condition and is able to be used by the intended recipient.

To prepare furniture for donation, start by giving the piece a thorough cleaning. This will remove any dirt, dust, or stains that may be present. Once the furniture is clean, check for any damage or wear and tear.

If the furniture is in good condition, proceed to the next step.

Know Who Will Pick Up Your Furniture

Contact a local charity that offers furniture donation pick up services. Many charities will come to your home and pick up the furniture for free.

If you have large furniture items, you may need to schedule a time for them to come and get it. Some charities will not pick up large furniture items, so you may need to look for another option.

There are also companies that will pick up your furniture for a fee. You can check with your local furniture stores to see if they offer furniture donation pick up services.

Find Out What Types of Furniture Can Be Donated

When donating furniture, it is important to take into account what types of furniture can be accepted by the intended donation center. Many donation centers will accept all types of furniture, but some may only accept certain types, such as couches, chairs, and tables.

It is also important to consider the condition of the furniture. Some donation centers may only accept furniture that is in good condition, while others may accept furniture that is in need of repair.

Inquire About Where to Donate Furniture

When looking to donate furniture, a first step is to determine where to take the furniture. 

Once a decision is made, take measurements of the furniture to make sure it will fit in the trunk or backseat of a car. If it is too large, consider renting a truck.

Be sure to call ahead to the donation center to make sure they are accepting furniture donation and to get a sense of their schedule. When dropping off the furniture, be sure to get a receipt for the donation.

With a little forethought after you give your other furniture, you may learn about buying wholesale furniture and create a house that is both attractive and comfortable.

Donating to a Local Charity

If you have gently used furniture that you no longer need, consider donating it to a local charity. Most charities will pick up the furniture from your home for free. Donating furniture is a great way to declutter your home and help those in need.

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