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These Are the Best Used Luxury Cars Of 2018 

These Are the Best Used Luxury Cars Of 2018

Going through the list of the cheapest cars of 2018 in the US, it’s somewhat bizarre that you can only part with roughly $12,000 to own the most discounted of them all – Nissan Versa S Sedan. Also in the list are the notoriously modest choices led by Hyundai Accent GLS Sedan, Chevrolet Spark, Ford Fiesta and a couple others. The problem with all of them, however, is the bad rap they are associated with!

You could say a mere $12,000 is quite a little for a decent ride and maybe it befits the type of car you would find. But, what if I told you that for even half of this amount, you could buy a proper, bona fide luxury car that vrooms perfectly and has all its bells and whistles intact?

Looking at a popular autos marketplace like, you will be amazed at how affordable used luxury cars are. You may stumble upon the various A-class autos like BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Tesla, Chrysler and a lot more, all costing a fraction of your budget. The best part is, most of them are available in their perfect condition, including having their full-service history and a below-average mileage.

Five of the best used luxury Cars worth buying in 2018

  • Tesla Model S

It isn’t a coincidence that Tesla’s first mainstream car brand has been creating stirs in the auto industry. It is silent since it’s powered by electricity, but roomy and valiantly quick on the road. A used Tesla can’t cost an arm and a leg because some trivial quality issues may force a person tosell it off!

  • Jaguar XJ or Jaguar XF

The first thing that rings in your mind whenever you see Jaguar’s classic Jaguar logo is what this British luxury car maker stands for – Pace, Grace and Space coupled with the car’s strength. Jaguar XJ is fun to steer on the road, as it’s endowed with a cozy interior and 5-star equipment. If you can’t afford to find a new Jaguar, perhaps a used one will still wow you!

  • Chrysler 300C

Another excellent choice of used luxury car to buy in 2018 is any used Chrysler cars. The 300C is a formidable choice given its classy and imposing front-end styling that consists of a high-shouldered look, the powerful V6 diesel engine and the reputation it has. Petrol versions are a bit too hot to touch, unlike the diesel-powered ones.

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Once hailed as the best car in the world, Mercedes-Benz S-Class hasn’t really dropped down the pecking order. The amount of luxury, style and comfort this car command is just out of this world. Most of the used ones available for purchase, however, do have rust issues, while others are just a little bit faulty. But you shouldn’t doubt it!

Other cheap, used luxury car models to buy from used cars dealerships in 2018 include the smooth, suave and sophisticated Audi A8, the ever-dependable Lexus GS or a BMW 5 Series. While purchasing any of them, however, be sure to follow the due process and be careful not to buy an aging piece of junk!

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