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The Essential Guide to Buying Vintage Clothes: 5 Things You Need to Know 

The Essential Guide to Buying Vintage Clothes: 5 Things You Need to Know

Did you know the lifespan of most items of clothes these days tends to be about three years? Vintage clothing, however, is any clothes that existed and were used over 20 years ago. 

Are you interested in buying vintage clothes? Whether you’re doing it to help the environment or to make a fashion statement, there are a few things you should know. 

This guide will teach you how to buy vintage clothes like a pro. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Know Where to Shop

Who buys vintage clothing? Anyone who wants to experiment with their look.

If this sounds like you, you should first learn about where to shop. Vintage clothes can often be found in thrift stores. These stores sell used clothing at a discount price. 

Consignment stores sell items for individuals and give them a cut after the piece is purchased. Consignment stores typically sell designer clothing and accessories, many of these tend to be vintage pieces. 

Vintage boutiques and flea markets are other places you can search for vintage clothing. Many online shops also specialize in vintage clothes. 

2. Have Some Ideas in Mind 

If you plan on going shopping for vintage clothes, have a few ideas in mind. You might be on the lookout for 70’s style boots or a 1950’s style dress. 

You might be more interested in certain colors regardless of era. Keep these ideas in mind as you shop.

Remember, however, that vintage shops have one-of-kind pieces of clothing. You might not find the specific item you’re looking for, but you can walk away with some great additions to your wardrobe. 

3. Try On Everything You Can 

When you set out to buy vintage clothing, it’s important to try on everything you like. Don’t worry about the size written on the tag.

Sizes were measured much differently in the past. If you’re a size eight today, you might fit into a size ten in clothing from the 1980s. 

When shopping online, know your own measurements and the ones listed for each item of clothing.

4. Modernize the Look 

When creating a look with vintage clothing, it’s important to try to modernize it. Vintage pieces are great but an entirely vintage outfit can look like a costume. 

Pair a vintage jumpsuit with a modern jean jacket. If you aren’t sure what kind of vintage clothing to search for, you can always start with some vintage accessories.

This is a great way to create a unique look as you work your way to bolder pieces of clothing. Check out Jender to get inspired and find unique pieces. 

5. Check for Flaws

Another important thing you should do when shopping for vintage clothes is to check them for flaws. Vintage clothing is fragile and often secondhand. 

You might find beautiful pieces that have rips or stains. You’ll have to determine if the flaw is small enough to make the purchase worth it. 

Follow This Guide for Buying Vintage Clothes

Become an expert at buying vintage clothes with this guide. Remember to find the perfect shop and check clothing for flaws. 

Check out some of the other blog posts on our site for more fashion tips. 

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