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Incredible Facts About Auto Wrecks That All Drivers Should Know… 

Incredible Facts About Auto Wrecks That All Drivers Should Know…
Incredible Facts About Auto Wrecks That All Drivers Should Know...

These facts about auto wrecks are both enlightening and sobering. If you drive a vehicle, you should read this article.

222 million people hold a valid driver’s license in the United States. That number makes up the vast majority of the population.

Given that there are so many cars on the road, it’s no wonder why car accidents are prevalent.

Every single year, millions of people are involved in vehicle-related accidents. Many of those people don’t walk away safe and sound.

To help give you a reality check surrounding the dangers of driving, below, our team has compiled a few statistics surrounding auto wrecks that’ll make you think twice about driving in a reckless manner.

1. Crashes Are One of the World’s Most Dangerous Killers

When we think of things that we should be afraid of, we think of killers, airplanes, and other commonly cited harbingers of death. What we don’t often think about are cars and that’s a shame because cars are proven killers.

If you’re traveling abroad, the most likely reason that you won’t come home is because of auto wrecks.

When you’re driving domestically, car crashes are the 3rd most likely reason as to why you may die from unintentional injuries.

2. Millions Die in Car Crashes Every Year

After reading the information in our last point, it shouldn’t surprise you that millions of people die in auto wrecks every single year.

The national safety council estimates that if you put 100,000 US-citizens into a room, 13 of them would die in a car accident within 12-months.

Globally, car accidents claim over a million lives per year.

3. Many Who Don’t Die Get Seriously Injured

If you’re rolling your eyes at the 13 out of 100,000 people figure because it’s not as high as you thought it would be, don’t. Just because you don’t die in a car accident doesn’t mean that you’re not seriously injured.

Millions of people find a law firm to sue for damages every year due to permanent disabilities they’ve suffered after an accident.

4. Accidents Cost More Than Insurance Companies

A lot of people don’t consider the fact that car accidents are a huge drain on tax dollars.

Whenever auto wrecks take place, cities need to pay for clean up, emergency services and more. Many of those charges come straight out of worker’s paychecks and aren’t subsidized by auto insurance.

5. Many Accidents are Alcohol-Induced

Never drink and drive and never get in a car with someone who is drinking and driving. Period.

Every 50 minutes, somebody dies from a drunk driving-related indecent. Don’t let that person be you.

Wrapping Up Facts About Auto Wrecks That All Drivers Should Know

We hope that the auto wrecks facts we’ve laid out for you has painted a picture that’ll turn you onto being safer behind the wheel.

At the end of the day, if you drive with the intention of being consciously safe, you’re going to be fine 9 out of 10 times. If you get behind the wheel and assume that you’re invincible, you may quickly find out that you’re not.

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