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Most Useful Degrees That Have High-Paying Career Possibilities 

Most Useful Degrees That Have High-Paying Career Possibilities

College kids can change their majors at least 3 times. They’re worried about landing a lucrative job. Avoid worrying and see the most useful degrees here.

Do you want to make sure you’re able to make as much money as possible when you graduate from college?

Of course you do! It’s why you’re probably going to want to shy away from obtaining a degree in anthropology, fine arts, or philosophy. These are among the least valuable college majors.

Instead, you should do your best to get your hands on one of the most useful degrees for those who want to make money. They can ensure that you’re able to land a lucrative job once you earn your diploma.

Here are eight of the most useful degrees for those looking for high-paying career possibilities.

1. Finance

You’re probably familiar with the phrase, “Money makes the world go ’round.” And it’s true—money does play a very important role in the way the world works.

Therefore, you can make a lot of money by learning about the best ways to handle and invest money in college. Those who graduate with finance degrees often find that they’re some of the most useful degrees.

Some of the best jobs that you can get with a finance degree include:

  • Financial planner
  • Financial analyst
  • Actuary
  • Accountant
  • Budget analyst

If you love working with numbers (and adding numbers to your bank account!), you’ll love working in finance.

2. Electrical Engineering

As a general rule of thumb, just about any degree with the word “engineering” in it is likely going to lead you to a lucrative job. You’ll find several “engineering” degrees on this list, and they can all help you make a lot of money throughout the course of your career.

With an electrical engineering degree, you can work as:

  • An aerospace engineer
  • A design engineer
  • A CAD technician
  • A control and instrumentation engineer
  • An IT consultant

By the time everything is all said and done, each of these jobs should afford you the opportunity to rake in well over six figures year in and year out.

3. Pharmaceutical Sciences

Almost 50 percent of Americans have taken at least one prescription drug over the last month. Furthermore, about 25 percent of people have used at least three prescription drugs during that same time period.

It’s not exactly a secret that Americans have come to rely on prescription medications, and you can cash in on the craze with a degree in pharmaceutical sciences. You can help create, develop, and test prescription drugs and make a difference in the world while making a ton of money.

4. Computer Engineering

Remember what we said earlier about degrees with the word “engineering” in them?

This is one of the most popular high paying job and it’s not hard to see why. With a computer engineering degree in your back pocket, you can score a job as:

  • A computer programmer
  • A computer systems analyst
  • A web developer
  • A computer network architect

Some people might look at this list of jobs and think, “Bor-ing!” But those who work any of them know how lucrative they can be, even when you’re just getting your start in the industry.

People who enjoy working on and with computers should consider a career in computer engineering.

5. Genetics

Americans aren’t as healthy as they could or should be.

Part of that is because most people don’t exercise enough on a regular basis. Part of it is also because many people don’t eat right. But genetics are also to blame for poor health in many people.

You’ll learn all about it when you study genetics in college and earn your degree in it. You’ll understand the correlation between genetics and health and use it to do extensive research on the changing world of genetics.

Those who work their way through genetics programs are often able to obtain job titles like:

  • Clinical research associate
  • Healthcare scientist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Research scientist

You can use what you’ve learned about genetics to push modern medicine and the current health care system forward. And you’ll get paid handsomely for doing it.

6. Economics

We talked about how lucrative a finance degree could be earlier, and the same can be said for an economics degree. With an economics degree, you’ll be first in line for jobs like:

  • Market research analyst
  • Economic consultant
  • Financial analyst

Find out everything you want to know about pursuing an economics degree before getting started. It’ll steer you in the right direction and lead you toward a career that will pay well and make you feel good about your work.

7. Zoology

When you’re flipping through the different college majors that you can pick from, zoology probably doesn’t stand out as one that could lead to a lucrative career. How much can you possibly get paid to work a job related to zoology?

More than you might think! There are tons of jobs that you’ll be able to apply for once you get your zoology degree. They include:

  • Ecologist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Marine scientist
  • Nature conservation officer
  • Physician associate

These jobs are both important to the future of the Earth and lucrative in many cases.

8. Civil Engineering

You didn’t think we were going to let you go without one more “engineering” job, did you?

Majoring in civil engineering isn’t going to be easy. The coursework associated with a civil engineering degree can be challenging for most people.

But you can become a part of one of these professions if you’re able to master it:

  • Building control surveyor
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Site engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Consulting or contracting civil engineer

These are all some of the best-paying jobs you can get in any field.

Start Earning One of the Most Useful Degrees Today

If you’re not passionate about any of the college majors listed here, don’t feel like you have to pursue them simply because they could help you land a lucrative job later.

Follow your dreams and find what you want to do with your life before attending college.

But if you happen to love one of the majors found here, you might be the perfect candidate to start earning one of the most useful degrees around. It’ll help you turn yourself into a success story shortly after you graduate from college.

Read our blog to find out why you should push yourself to get a good education regardless of which college major you choose.

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