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The Benefits of Fully Licensed Free Streaming TV for Businesses 

The Benefits of Fully Licensed Free Streaming TV for Businesses

The future of TV is free. Streaming services are now a common replacement for cable and satellite subscriptions. But there are still many benefits to traditional, linear television.

Once you factor in taxes and fees, linear TV is costly. So, why is cord-cutting so popular? And what are the advantages of a fully licensed free streaming service?

Fully-Licensed Content

Many traditional linear TV companies need help to keep up with the emergence of new online streaming TV services. Their audience numbers have fallen, and producing reruns or old, licensed content shows is no longer economically viable.

The reason is that the linear TV industry is based on windowing. When you license a show or movie to another channel, you agree to pay the owner of the copyright a certain amount of money per viewer for a specific period (typically one year). The cost of producing and licensing shows makes it unrealistic to produce reruns and window them.

You may not realize it, but many types of content can be licensed on digital platforms and in print. This includes news content, thought leadership, recipes, ready-to-publish guides, and even videos for marketing purposes.

Generally, there are two categories of content – rights managed/ready and royalty-free. Rights-managed content is licensed to you for a specific purpose and uses parameters such as country, market, and duration.

Customizable Content

Many streaming TV for businesses offer customizable content packages, allowing businesses to choose channels or content categories that align with their brand or target audience. This can be especially useful for restaurants, waiting rooms, and other public spaces.

Streaming platforms often offer a wide variety of content, including live TV, on-demand movies, TV shows, sports, news, and more. This variety allows businesses to cater to different preferences and demographics among their audience.

No Commercials

While premium SVOD services have gotten the most of the headlines, a quiet revolution has occurred in free, ad-supported streaming TV. 

To attract users, these free video streaming services are bulking up on licensed movies and TV shows. Sometimes, they’re even willing to pay for those licenses on a non-exclusive basis with an agreement to share advertising revenue with the content owners that supply them.

For many cord-cutters, escaping cable isn’t just about lowering their monthly TV bill and avoiding commercials. The ad-free options available in the world of free ad-supported streaming TV make that possible without investing in a new set-top box or paying extra for a subscription plan.


While pay streaming services have been grabbing the spotlight, a quiet revolution has been taking place in the form of free, ad-supported streaming TV. This is no small thing since it’s allowed people to cut their cable or satellite TV subscriptions altogether without cutting out the entertainment they love to watch.


The vast majority of the popular streaming services operate on a subscription model. You pay a monthly fee and get unlimited access to whatever you choose to watch. Many of these services can compete with the price of cable (and sometimes even surpass it) because they can sell ads against their content, just like the TV business has always done.

On the other hand, free streamers don’t have to convince you to give them your $8 or $10 a month. So they can focus on delivering what you want to watch.

As a result, free streamers often offer simpler UIs than their paid counterparts. They don’t require a login, they don’t show you a bunch of ads every time you open their app, and they can start playing what you last watched.

This streamlined experience is one reason cord-cutters appreciate free streaming TV options. Besides, these services are internet-based so they can work with any device connected to a private Wi-Fi network.


While premium SVOD streaming services have been hogging the headlines, a quiet revolution is occurring in the world of free, ad-supported streaming TV. This is something that businesses should address.

The popularity of these skinny bundles is proliferating. And it’s not just consumers looking for a way to save money. Businesses also use these free streaming services because they offer a unique value proposition.

This means that businesses can provide a more expansive TV experience for their employees and customers without the added expense of a costly paid SVOD service. Plus, the fact that free streaming services are available on nearly any device makes them a more attractive option for business users. You only need a solid Wi-Fi connection and a compatible browser, not on a public network (such as a guest network).


Businesses can often adjust their streaming plans to scale up or down as needed, making them flexible and adaptable to changing requirements.

While there are numerous benefits to fully licensed free streaming TV for businesses, choosing a reputable and legally compliant streaming service is important to ensure a positive experience and avoid any legal or copyright issues. Additionally, businesses should assess their needs and audience preferences to select the most suitable content and features for their use case.

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