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8 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized 

8 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized

Gay Marriage

Internationally, the subject of the legalization of gay marriage has become a big issue. Like everything else, it is a subject that has supporters and oppressors, and mainly the government is known to be for the most part the major oppressor. As more information appears on this subject, society identifies that the arguments that are in opposition to gay marriage seem flawed, meaning that there is no logical or reasonable basis for denying same-sex couples access to the institution of marriage. Here we offer some reasons of why gay marriage benefits not only the people but also the world.

1. Decrease the Divorce Rate

Allowing gays to get married, will only increase marriage rates because a fewer amount of couples will get divorced when there is more compatibility.

2. It Doesn’t Affect the Heterosexual Community

A lot of people won’t approve gay marriage for what it could mean for the heterosexual society, when truthfully it will have no impact nor will affect what has been already established.

3. Equal Rights

Back in the 50’s, interracial marriage was forbidden too, not allowing different race couples to cherish their love. Nowadays modern societies understand that it was an unfair law. The problem with not allowing gay marriage is essentially the same issue. It denies an individual of a freedom that anybody else in the world is entitled to.

4. It’s a Reality

Gay couples are already everywhere around. The fact that they can’t get married doesn’t mean that they won’t continue expressing their love for each other. The disadvantage that these couples have is that although they are together, they are not protected by the law nor supported by society even though their lifestyle is already like a marriage. Legalization recognizes reality.

5. Accepting Society

Legalizing gay marriage will show people that being gay is accepted by the society. This will decrease bullying and will help others to feel welcomed into the society. It will also give younger generations a great example of equality among human beings.

6. Increase Adoption

A lot of adoption agencies discriminate against gay couples, and specially the ones that aren’t married. This makes it very complicated for them to create a family, and it leaves more kids orphans, without giving them the opportunity of having parents.

7. Marriage Should Your Decision

When the government holds the control over gay marriage, they are deciding who gets married and who doesn’t. This should be a couple’s soles decision, and the government shouldn’t be able to get the last word.

8. Marriage is a Union of Love

Government’s issue with legalizing gay marriage is turning the institution into a union of genders, when it should be known as a union of love. Marriage is a human right, and it was an institution created for the purpose of celebrating love among partners in front of everybody else. Legalizing it will help maintain its meaning and the purpose for which it was created.

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