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How To Take Care of Pink Eye 

How To Take Care of Pink Eye

If you have ever had pink eye, you know it is painful, frustrating, and embarrassing. Pink eye can put a damper on your plans and leave you full of anxiety being in public.

This contagious infection causes reddening, inflammation, discharge, and more unpleasant side effects. It can affect anyone so arming yourself with the proper tools to learn how to take care of pink eye will help you find relief faster.

You may have tried several things to relieve the aggravation, but none of them seemed to work. The internet can be a place of conflicting, confusing information but we are sharing the top tips to take care of your eyes if you find yourself facing that pesky, pink eye irritation.

Preventing Pink Eye

Before diving into how to take care of pink eye, it’s important to talk about prevention. Proper eye care affects the health of your eye and the delicate skin around your eyes. While we cannot always dodge the infection, using proper hygiene practices when taking care of your eyes is vital to keeping bacteria at bay.

Even the skin around our eyes can play a part in the prevention of pink eye. Gently cleaning the delicate skin around your eyes can help wash away daily grime that could get into your eyes and cause a bacterial infection. For added maintenance, exfoliate under eyes to smooth away dead skin cells that can harbor germs or irritants.

Different types of bacteria play a significant part in causing you to be more likely to contract pink eye. Washing your hands with soap and warm water before touching your eyes is one of the best practices to help prevent the spread of germs and infection.

How to Take Care of Pink Eye

Depending on the severity of your pink eye, your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to knock the infection out completely, however, there are several things you can do at home.

A cold compress can help alleviate many issues and pink eye is one of them. Use a clean towel that has been laundered in a fragrance-free/gentle detergent to apply to your eye. Applying the cold compress multiple times throughout the day is a gentle, effective way to minimize discomfort.

What to Avoid

Your eyes are extremely sensitive when you are suffering from pink eye. If you wear contacts, throw away your current pair and do not use a new pair until you are fully recovered from the infection. Any extra eye irritation can prolong your recovery.

Refrain from using harsh chemicals when removing makeup or cleaning around your eyes. Using a dermatologist-recommended cleanser or plain water is the safest choice when it comes to cleansers.

It Will Get Better

Pink eye can last from as little as one week to as long as three or more weeks and a lot of that depends on how well you can take of your eyes.

Remember, have patience when taking care of your health, especially when it comes to your eyes. How to take care of pink eye might seem daunting, but with the tips provided in this guide, you can do it and get yourself feeling better, faster!

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