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How to Play Paintball: A Simple Guide for Beginners 

How to Play Paintball: A Simple Guide for Beginners

Paintball is a very popular team-building activity. Over 3.39 million people play paintball in the USA every year.

Getting started may seem daunting at first, but it is straightforward to begin and enormous fun once you do. If you would like to get involved but are wondering how to play paintball, then fear not. We have a quick and easy guide to tell you everything you need to know.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to get started playing paintball.

Get The Right Equipment

The first item you will need to play paintball is a gun. You can rent one from the paintball center, but if you are looking to play often and more professionally, you can also buy and bring your own. If you do, you will need to maintain and clean it yourself, so do lots of research to learn how to keep your gun in top form.

Protective masks are a requirement when playing paintball. Again you can buy your own or rent from the center; the long-term investment in comfort is worth it if you play regularly. You will also need to designate some paintball clothes as whatever you wear will get covered in paint, especially if you are playing paintball for beginners.

Ensure all of your body is covered from head to toe. Wear thick trousers and padded tops with long sleeves. You may also want to wear thick protective gloves to keep your hands safe and possibly consider a cup for the ultimate protection.

Paintball doesn’t have to be a dangerous sport. Learn more here about how you can stay safe.

Communication is Key

When playing paintball, you are playing as a team or a squad, and you need to behave as such. Wannabe heroes who want to go solo will get themselves knocked out quickly and lose the game. So put away your inner Rambo, team up, stay together and communicate.

You will need to coordinate your movements and relay sightings as quickly and silently as possible. Shouting at each other will instantly give away your position so one of the best paintball tips is to learn some simple hand signals. One reason paintball is so popular as a company away day activity is because it encourages good communication and teamwork.

Talk to your team at the start and plan how you will communicate on the battlefield and in the heart of combat.

Never Stand Still

Staying in one place for an extended period will allow your opposing team to triangulate your position and ambush you. You need to keep moving on the battlefield. You can bunker down briefly to catch your breath or update each other on tactics but not for too long.

Moving will keep you fit and healthy and allow you to maneuver around your opponents. Keep low to the ground to avoid detection and if you have to run, and sometimes you might, don’t forget to zig and zag to give yourself the best chance of not being hit.

How To Play Paintball For Beginners

Hopefully, this short guide has given you some tips on how to play paintball and get started on the field. Your first game will be messy and scary but also an enormous amount of fun, so make the most of it. Follow our tips, and you may stay alive just long enough to secure that win.

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