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Top Motorcycle Riding Equipment Trends for Spring ’18 

Top Motorcycle Riding Equipment Trends for Spring ’18

Motorcycle Accessories

Hitting the road, track or trail requires the right equipment for you to achieve a compelling ride. Even though your motorcycle is the most important piece of riding equipment you own, you need a few other items to get the most out of your adventure. Here are some of the top motorcycle riding equipment trends for Spring 2018.


The most crucial piece of equipment any rider has is a helmet that fits comfortable and provides ultimate protection. This never changes. Spring is a good time to inspect your helmet for sings of damage and proper fit. If your helmet has seen better days or feels awkward, invest in a new one from a top brand, such as Bell, Cyber or Z1R. While you are at it, buy a helmet bag to protect your new headgear from damage when you aren’t wearing it.

Jackets and Vests

Every year, jacket and vest technology advances. In early 2018, manufacturers, such as Alpinestars and Klim, have introduced outerwear with breathable fabrics, armor and other important features. New for this year are jackets with innovative color combinations and designs. Whether you want to match your bike or stand out on the road, you can’t beat adding a couple all season motorcycle jackets or vests to your equipment collection.

Water Bottles and Canteens

Whether you take short trips or opt for cross-country treks, you need to stay hydrated on your machine. If you haven’t yet invested in a high-quality water bottle or canteen, now is the time to do it. When you are choosing the right one for your riding lifestyle, don’t forget to purchase a holder that fits securely on your bike.

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