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How to Dress Like a Cowboy: A Simple Guide 

How to Dress Like a Cowboy: A Simple Guide

When you think of a cowboy, you probably imagine an all-American, ruggedly handsome man who has an undeniable air of coolness and toughness about him. 

A laid-back style and a layer of seriousness complete the cowboy personality many have come to love. While working on a cattle ranch may not be your reality, you can capture the essence of a true cowboy with a little fashion makeover. 

If you are a fan of western culture and are wondering how to dress like a cowboy, this short and simple guide is for you.

Choose the Perfect Hat

The cowboy hat is a staple so choosing the perfect one is essential. Choose the best hat based on shape, material, and fit. You can purchase your hat from a local store that is supplied by a wholesale western wear company or hire a specialist to make you one by hand.

Make Your Belt a Statement

If you want to dress like a cowboy, you have to have the signature cowboy belt. Choose a plain,  high-quality belt that matches your boots and jeans. You can dress up your belt with different buckles. 

Choose Your Boots Carefully

Part of dressing like a cowboy is wearing the classic cowboy boot. While choosing the right boot can be slightly complicated, the reward is definitely worth the effort. The perfect boot should be able to take you from the range to the dance floor.

Embrace Simplicity With Your Shirt

A great way to look like a cowboy is to embrace simplicity with your shirt. Cowboys tend to wear button-down, long-sleeves cotton, denim, or plaid shirts. Keep your shirt basic so your accessories have the chance to shine. 

Get the Jeans Right

Jeans are essential for the cowboy look. However, you’ll want to skip the skinny jeans and go straight for bootcut. Your jeans should also be long enough to cover your boots. 

Layer in Textures

A great tip for how to dress like a modern cowboy is to layer textures into your outfit. Layer a vest over a plain button-down or layer a denim shirt over a plain tee. Add a richness to your outfit with layering.

Mismatch Your Denim

Mismatched denim is part of the cowboy charm. While it may be tempting to perfectly match the wash of your denim, resist the urge. Wear pieces that are slightly different but still compliment each other.

This Is How to Dress Like a Cowboy

By implementing these tips for how to dress like a cowboy, you can look like you strolled right out of the wild west.

Get the basics right by purchasing your jeans, shirt, boots, belt, and hat. Embrace the spirit of a cowboy by keeping your pieces simple and stylish. Get that cowboy feel by layering in different textures and put the final touches on your outfit by slightly mismatching your denim. 

Follow these tips and you’ll look like a modern, refined cowboy.

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