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How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost? The Prices Explained 

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost? The Prices Explained
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The United States currently has a homeownership rate of around 67.4%. This rate is impressive, considering the underlying financial dilemma in the post-Covid-19 era. For any homeowner, buying a house for the first time is a period of heightened emotions. 

Ensuring that you get value for your money requires a combination of patience and an extended period of conducting due diligence. Unfortunately, it’s hard to guarantee adequate checks when working alone. You need a seasoned inspector to guarantee you a comprehensive assessment of your house of choice before making the payment.

Home inspection cost may vary depending on a few factors. Have you been wondering how much it will cost to hire a home inspector? In this article, we break down the home inspection cost every buyer should have in mind. 

The National Cost of Home Inspection

The current average cost of the home inspection is around $337. This cost varies depending on a few critical factors. However, in most states, this average cost may be slightly higher or lower. 

If you are trying to estimate the cost of a home inspection, it’s essential to understand each of these factors and how they affect the actual inspection cost. Here’re some of the unique factors to consider when estimating the cost of the inspection. 


Size is one of the main factors that can affect the cost of home inspection. Before considering other related factors when estimating the inspection cost, your first focus should be on the size of the home. The average size of American houses is around 2,632 square feet. 

If your home is below this average size, then the cost of inspection could be much lower. For houses that are between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet, the cost of the home inspection is around $315. If the home you intend to buy is within this range, you expect to pay anything within that region. 

On the other extreme spectrum, over 2,000 square feet houses attract a home inspection charge of around $400 or more. It’s essential to consider the size of the house you want to be inspected before anything else. This will give you a rough estimate of how much you need for the entire inspection process. 


Apart from the house’s size, location is the other factor that matters when estimating the cost of home inspection. The location of your home matters as you look for a home inspection expert. Inspectors within your location will tend to charge way less than when seeking inspection service from other localities. 

How long will it take the inspector to get to the house? This question is essential given that it provides a background on which to calculate the additional cost. If the inspector has to travel a long distance to access the house, you expect to pay much more than a house buyer within the vicinity. 

This is more reason why most home buyers go for locally based inspectors. You may also consider this factor when deciding on the inspection company you would wish to work with when buying the house. As such, a home inspector’s cost varies depending on location. 

The Age of Your House

Most homebuyers don’t realize this, but the home’s age can affect the actual inspection cost. The older your home is the more chances that you’ll be charged more for inspection. This is because the structural components in such cases might be antiquated due to wear and tear. 

When inspecting such homes, the experts may take longer to assess every inch of the house for defects. This is as compared to a newer house that may not require much attention. Homebuyers who are keen on buying older houses might consider these additional expenses before settling for a specific house.

The Local Real Estate Market 

Are you wondering how to determine the home inspection cost for a building? One of the things to consider is the current real estate market. Areas with a more robust real estate market will tend to have high inspection costs. This may be an essential variant to consider when buying a house.  

If you plan to buy a house in a hot market setting, you might also need to appreciate that the home inspection cost varies depending on the prevailing real estate market. As the demand for housing increases in a given area, so does the cost of undertaking inspection. 

Condition of the House 

Sometimes, even newer houses may have underlying structural issues. The general assumption is that you get to pay less for inspection if the house you intend to buy is newer. However, other factors, such as the roof’s attic or the basement’s underlying issues, will also affect the eventual cost of home inspection. 

If the house has other issues with the ceiling floors, windows, or foundation, you might need to pay more inspection. Inspection cost in case of multiple structural problems is often much higher. Such issues should matter when assessing the actual cost of the inspection. 

If the inspector has to assess the house’s multiple components, then expect to pay more for the services. 

Additional Costs

You might need to consider other additional factors when determining the home inspection costs. If the house needs asbestos and radon testing, then the inspection cost might be higher for you. 

You should get a building inspection service provider who can breakdown all these costs for you in advance. This will help you avoid dealing with additional hidden changes. 

This Is How to Get the Home Inspection Cost

When calculating the cost of home inspection, certain factors matter. One of these factors is the age of the house. You also need to consider the house’s condition, the local market, and the location of the house. 

Unless you consider these factors beforehand, you might end up paying through the nose. Considering the national average for a home inspection can help determine how much your building’s home inspection cost will be. 

The choice of the inspection company also matters. Some companies charge relatively fair rates despite having a wealth of experience. 

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