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Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Nursing Agencies 

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Nursing Agencies

Frequently asked questions about travel nursing agencies can include various things. First, consider the specifics of the agency, such as its location, salary, working hours, and the kinds of projects it offers, depending on the topic you are posing.


Whether you are interested in travel nursing or already working as a nurse, you might wonder where travel nursing agencies are located. A variety of agencies exist throughout the country. These agencies specialize in placing registered nurses in various locations across the country and abroad. You can find out where a particular agency is located online or visit sites like

A travel nursing agency can help you find jobs that match your skills and experience. They may also assist you in getting a license in the states of your choice. They may also be able to provide you with jobs with housing benefits. In addition, these organizations can assist you in negotiating pay packages.


Typically, a travel nursing agency guarantees you at least a certain number of weekly hours. These hours are based on your contract with the hospital. They may also include per diems paid for each week you work. It is a good way for a travel nurse to make money while on assignment.

Guaranteed hours have been a part of the travel nursing contract for a long time. But, they are often misunderstood. It’s essential to understand how these hours work. The number of hours may vary from hospital to hospital and even within a facility.

Examining the contract is the best way to determine how many hours your agency promises. It may be written in plain English.

Rate of pay

Being able to earn more money as a travel nurse can provide you with more options in your career. However, several factors will influence your pay.

The most crucial factor determining your pay is the general nature of the assignment. For example, rapid response postings generally pay more than regular postings. It is because they typically have a shorter turn-around time.

Specialty-certified travel nurses are more powerful negotiators. As a result, the compensation of these nurses can be improved. In addition, they can select more challenging projects as a result.

Other factors that can affect your pay are your location and the cost of living. For example, many travel nurses will receive housing as a stipend. It may be in the form of an apartment in the city where they live. However, it might also form a daily budget for necessities.


Having a housing stipend can save you money on housing while traveling. This type of reimbursement is usually tax-free. It covers travel nurses’ living expenses while on an assignment. It can also help you maximize your earnings.

Stipends vary in amount depending on your location and the bill rate. Therefore, it is essential to understand the complete pay package before deciding on a salary.

Stipends are often lump sum payments. Considering stipends from different agencies, assume the entire benefits package. A higher stipend may mean fewer benefits.

Some agencies offer a choice between company-provided housing and a housing stipend. It is usually beneficial because agency-provided housing will take care of your housing needs and offer a lower hourly rate.


Whether you are a travel nurse looking for a new assignment or an agency hoping to land your next gig, it’s crucial to understand the importance of a travel nursing contract. These contracts are binding documents that outline your responsibilities as an employee and your employer’s duties as an employer.

Aside from establishing your contractual obligations, it also serves as a tax document. You should also be aware that most travel nursing agencies institute penalties for missed hours.

There are 50 items on the travel nursing contract checklist. Of course, only some agencies are going to include all of them. The most important ones are the medical benefits, which will reduce your hourly rate. Depending on your contract, you may also receive relocation stipends.

Taking assignments with family and pets

You frequently asked about travel nursing, including what to expect and how to make the most of the assignment. The good news is that several tips and tricks can make your task a breeze.

The best way to start is to consider what you want to accomplish. While you’re at it, think about where you will stay. If you’re working for a housing company, consider requesting a furnished or unfurnished apartment. Some companies offer “Day One” benefits, where you can stay in one of their homes for the first few days of the assignment.

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