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When Am I Required to Submit Form SS-4? 

When Am I Required to Submit Form SS-4?


SS-4 is the name of the form that you will submit to the IRS when you file for your EIN or Tax ID Number manually. Basically, you will be required to submit SS4 online when you want to get your Tax ID Number. Whether you are applying for business EIN, employer EIN, or for an estate EIN, you will be required to use this form.

Before you can apply for an EIN, you have to prepare either your Social Security Number (SSN) or your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Aside from this, you also have to identify what business type you would like to register. Once all these pieces of information are complete, you can choose how you would like to file for an EIN. You can do it by phone or by email. These options will require two weeks before completion. A faster option would be to apply for EIN online.

How to Apply for EIN Online

Online EIN application is presently regarded as the fastest and easiest way to get an EIN.

The first step of the online application is to select the business entity you wish to register. After which, you enter pertinent information on the form SS4 online. The system is safe and secure so you can be sure that all pieces of information are kept confidential. After entering the relevant information, you review the same and click submit.

Why Use IRS EIN Tax ID?

With IRS EIN Tax ID, your convenience matters. Their service includes processing your EIN/Tax ID Number application with the IRS and delivering the same safely by email.

The company takes pride in the simplified and time-saving process they have set-up for processing and delivering EINs.

Applications submitted before 7 p.m. EST will be processed and delivered the same day or after a few hours. On the other hand, applications submitted after 7 p.m. EST will be ready for delivery the next business day. Even better, they don’t charge extra for quick and rush delivery.

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