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5 Hiring Challenges in the Healthcare Industry 

5 Hiring Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

Did you know that approximately twelve percent of adults in the United States are employed in the healthcare industry? After all, a high volume of people in need of any medical care requires a high volume of professionals to provide it. However, as years have passed and pandemics struck, the landscape of the entire healthcare industry has shifted.

One of many fundamental changes the healthcare industry has had to endure lies within its hiring practices. Here are five hiring challenges you should be aware of when seeking new employees or jobs in healthcare.

1. Employee Burnout

Due to long and stressful hours, the healthcare industry already has one of the highest turnover rates of any field of employment. However, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, that turnover rate has shot up another five percent.

When employees become burned out at such a high rate, replacing them poses great difficulty. Hiring skilled healthcare professionals to counter this frequency already posed significant recruitment challenges. Once Covid-19 crowded hospitals even more, pandemic stress has only worsened the problem.

2. Shortage of Nurses

Of all healthcare workers, the demand for nurses has only risen in recent years. As pandemic-related hospital visits have drastically increased, the medical field’s need for less specialized laborers has followed suit.

Even so, nurses must consistently work long hours and are among the most thankless jobs in the healthcare industry. Both of these factors have created a reduced incentive to enter the profession.

3. Hiring Challenges for Skilled Workers

Just as the supply of nurses has thinned, specialized healthcare workers have become increasingly rare as well.

In today’s climate, hospitals and private practices are often forced to look far and wide for top-notch doctors or physician assistants that meet their specific needs. In the end, they have to pay much higher salaries and hire from out-of-state.

4. Increased Remote Work

We all know how Covid-19 has made it all the more dangerous for patients to leave the house and enter a crowded hospital. Understandably, the demand for socially distanced medicine and remote healthcare work has skyrocketed.

Healthcare workplaces far and wide have needed to quickly adapt to the rising need for Telehealth services. Very often, hiring medical device recruiters has become essential.

5. Fewer People Receiving Healthcare Education

Among the pandemic’s drastic effects on the world of medicine, its foundational economic consequences are often overlooked.

With a shakier economy, fewer people can afford to receive expansive healthcare education. Thus, a decreased volume of medical students leads to a drop in available healthcare professionals.

Beat The Challenges By Staying Informed

All manner of hiring challenges can stand in the way of landing your dream job or employee. The easiest way to stay prepared for any professional hurdle the world brings your way is to keep yourself alert.

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