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Five Natural Ways To Fight Fatigue At Work 

Five Natural Ways To Fight Fatigue At Work


Even if you’re getting enough sleep, eating well, and generally taking care of yourself, sometimes it can be hard to shake of that tired feeling during the day. When you’re at work, a sudden bout of fatigue can be particularly frustrating as you’re in no position to kick your feet up and have a brain boosting power nap. Before you run to the stationary cupboard for a sneaky snooze, try these top natural fatigue fighting tips to help you fight tiredness at work.

1. Take a break and get moving

If you can feel your eyes getting heavy at your desk, one of the very best ways to shake that sleepy feeling is by moving around. Whether you simply walk the long way round to the bathroom, get up to make a drink, have a good stretch, or pop outside for a walk around your building, getting the blood circulating can help you feel more awake. Getting away from your computer screen will also help your eyes to relax and you will be better able to focus when you return.

2. Eat the right foods

If the morning is always a struggle for you, it can be tempting to skip breakfast to save time. Your body needs proper fuel to get you through the day, and you need to start building up your energy first thing. Skipping breakfast entirely or not eating enough is a sure-fire way to end up feeling sluggish later on in the day. Always eat a balanced breakfast filled with complex carbohydrates and protein to fuel your body up the right way.

The same rules apply to lunch and other snacks. Keep your energy levels topped up with fresh fruit, protein, and healthy carbohydrates and avoid too much sugar or fat. Eating the wrong food at lunch time can make you feel bloated and sleepy at anytime of day.

3. Find some natural light

When you work in a cubicle or office without windows, it can be hard to stay focused under dim or harsh artificial lighting. If you’re unable to sit near a source of natural light, try stepping outside during your breaks and eat lunch outdoors if at all possible. When the weather is really bad, consider investing in a light therapy box that simulates the effects of natural sunlight to help you to feel more alert and fight of depression and tiredness.

4. Take an effective supplement

Event the healthiest of diets can leave us lacking some types of nutrients that our bodies need to work well. Our brain function and cognitive ability can also be affected if we are not getting enough of the right supplements. Nootropics support healthy brain function and make us more productive. With over 85 supplements that are related to brain function, finding an effective nootropic stack can help to ensure you stay wide awake all day long, and never succumb to tiredness at work.

While it’s normal to feel lethargic towards the middle of a workday, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Implementing even one or two of these tips can help you stay productive and alert all day long and will help you feel better in all other areas of your daily life too.

5. Avoid caffeine and stay hydrated

Many of us rely on our coffee in the morning to wake us up for the day. The fact is that caffeine only gives a very short burst of energy, and drinking too many caffeinated drinks can actually make us feel worse.

One of the major causes of fatigue is dehydration, so if you start to feel sleepy, reach for a nice cool glass of water. You could even try sipping on water throughout the course of your day to keep you feeling fresh, or add some fruit like lemon or lime to add some extra flavor.

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