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Collectable Gold Coins: How Should You Find the Right Platform to Buy? 

Collectable Gold Coins: How Should You Find the Right Platform to Buy?

Gold is a precious metal in very high demand. Some prefer to hoard gold as an investment, while others hold it for ornamental purposes. According to reports, Australia has a large share of the world’s gold mine reserves in 2020, accounting for 10,000 metric tons.

You have reached a great place if you plan to invest in this precious metal. The following article will guide you to find the right platform to buy a large range of collectable gold coins.

1) Check the Website’s Reputation and Reviews

First and foremost, you need to check the website’s reputation. Read through what people are saying about it on third-party review platforms. It will help you to identify any issues with their business model and customer service, as well as their offering of gold coins. A good brand will be proud to have positive customer feedback as a reference.

2) What Type of Coins Do They Sell?

Are they dedicated to collectable gold coins? Or do they also carry other types of investment-grade bullion, such as silver and platinum coins?

Reputed websites can help determine if they have a large selection of collectable gold coins. You might find that the website is more focused on other types of precious metals. If so, it might not be for you.

3) Full Range of Shapes and Sizes 

Some collectable gold coins come in various shapes and sizes, including full ounce, half-ounce and quarter ounce. Before placing an order, you need to ensure the website carries each weight unit in both bullion and proof versions.

4) Shipping Costs and Times

You should pay attention to their shipping methods and costs. Some sellers charge a flat rate regardless of package size, whereas others have a sliding scale.

You should also find out if the website charges extra for handling and insurance. Do you need to pay customs fees when your package arrives? 

Shipping costs will depend on the seller, so it helps to contact them directly for more information. You can compare the prices between sellers to find the best deal.

5) Order Minimums

Depending on your budget, you might need to decide if you want to buy a single coin or a large range of gold coins. Some sites allow you to buy one gold-proof coin or bar, while others have higher purchase limits. If you want to complete your collection, you should choose a seller that allows you to buy in bulk.

6) What are Your Payment Methods?

Some collectable gold coins are highly coveted. If you have a particular bullion coin in mind, it might be worth checking to see if they accept the payment method you have in mind.

7) What are Their Offerings?

History is rich with collectable gold coins and their beautiful designs. Gold coins are often grouped into three categories: the sovereigns, the crowns, and the privy marks. 

Before buying, you should learn about the different types of currencies available.

You can select the coin that suits your taste and budget.


There are many types of collectable gold coins with different designs. If you want to invest in this precious metal, you must find the right platform to buy from.

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