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Don’t Throw It Away: How to Get the Most Money for Junk Cars 

Don’t Throw It Away: How to Get the Most Money for Junk Cars
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Do you have a junk car on your hands that you want to ditch?

Getting the most money for junk cars might seem intimidating, but it’s not difficult when you understand the process. A little prep work and some research to find the best price in your area can give you more cash for junk cars.

Keep reading to find out how to sell a junk car.

Gather Documents

Even if the car is a piece of junk, you’ll need some documentation to sell it.

The car title is the most important document you need. It shows that you own the vehicle and have the right to sell it. You’ll sign over the title when you sell the car to the junkyard.

You might also need a photo ID as part of the sale. Verify with the junkyard before completing the sale so you have all the necessary documents.

Assess the Vehicle

You can get the most accurate quotes for your junk car if you know exactly what shape it’s in.

Make notes on the vehicle that describes its condition. The most obvious issue is whether or not the vehicle is drivable. Consider how much damage the vehicle has to its exterior and interior.

Look at things that could still have value, such as newer tires or parts you’ve recently replaced. These things could get you more money from the sale.

Prep the Vehicle

You’ll also want to do some prep work on the vehicle.

Remove all of your belongings from the car. Don’t forget to check the trunk, glove box, under seats, and other hidden areas. You also need to remove the license plates from the car.

Check With Different Junkyards

Don’t go for the first junk car offer you see. Calling around to different junk car services that offer cash for junk carsĀ helps you find the best deal. Get quotes from the different junkyards based on the condition of your vehicle.

Ask about the process for selling, such as if the junkyard sends a tow truck or if you’re responsible for getting the car there. Some places might give you more for the car if you deliver it to the location.

Some junkyards might also pay more if you dismantle the car yourself, or you might get more money for individual parts. Before you decide to do this, make sure you feel comfortable doing the work yourself. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s often not worth it for a little extra money.

Compare the Offers

Price is one of the biggest factors in deciding where to sell your junk vehicle. You want the most money from the car, but convenience is also a factor.

If a junkyard offers free towing, it can be more convenient. You don’t have to coordinate and pay for a tow truck or try to drive an unreliable car to the location.

Once you choose the best option, call them to make arrangements for either picking up or delivering the car. You can always buy one of these cars.

Get the Most Money for Junk Cars

Getting the most money for junk cars just takes a little research and prep work. Comparing offers to find the best overall deal puts more cash in your pocket.

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