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Cat A vs Cat B Fit-Outs: What’s the Difference? 

Cat A vs Cat B Fit-Outs: What’s the Difference?

One of the primary components of running a business is ensuring that you have a functional workspace for your employees. But as you’re shopping around for offices, you have to understand that there are different fit-outs that correspond with the process of establishing your place of employment.

Are you confused about the differences between Cat A vs Cat B fit-outs? If so, keep reading the content below to discover the contrast between the two.

What Are Fit-Outs?

The process of preparing an interior space for employment is known as an office fit-out. It entails converting a concrete shell into a workplace environment. This includes everything from adding utilities and elevating the floors to putting in team breakaway areas, conference rooms, and desktops.

New office facilities are frequently supplied as a blank canvas, referred to as a Shell and Core or Cat A fit-out. But in a Cat B fit-out, the landlords are responsible for providing themselves with a functional finish.

Cat A vs Cat B fit-out: Understanding Cat A fit-out

Cat A spaces, often referred to Category A fit-outs, are often constructed with a suspended ceiling, lights, heat, and elevated flooring. However, there is no specific standard.

This is a basic space that property owners lease with tenants responsible for installing the design and finishes that best suit their workspace via a Cat B fit-out.

Since a Cat A space may be livable, it is typically an empty, open-plan layout that is then used as a blank canvas by office decorators. It’s not always the best idea to move into a Cat A space immediately because you won’t have a nice break area, fancy conference rooms, or a cozy kitchen space for coffee. In that case, you’ll need to construct a Cat B fit-out.

Cat A Fit-outs include the following:

  • Kitchens that are fully equipped
  • Conference rooms, workstations, and breakroom areas
  • Furniture
  • Air conditioning and electricity outlets are being rerouted
  • Architecture and IT setup

Understanding Cat B fit-out

Cat B, also called Category B fit-out, is the next step after a Cat A fit-out and provides a location where your corporation may immediately begin operating. These are generally left to the lessee to design and construct because they are often suited to your brand.

It takes a lot of effort to turn a blank space of a Cat A fit-out into a functional Cat B environment. A Cat B business fit-out should be suited to your company’s and employees’ specific needs. It needs the proper balance of workspaces, breakrooms, and conference spaces.

Cat B Fit-outs include the following:

  • Fully-equipped kitchens
  • Meeting rooms, workspaces, and breakrooms
  • Furniture
  • Air conditioning
  • Infrastructure and IT installation
  • Detailed design and branding

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The Different Types of Fit-Outs

As you can see, both fit-outs are different, but they also go hand in hand. You’ll need Cat A to get things started, and Cat B completes the job and makes the workspace tailored to your brand.

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