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Ideal Ways to Fight Your Red Light Camera Ticket 


Red light camera tickets are becoming common with each passing day and most of the individuals charged with a ticket believe that they have been charged unfairly. Cameras are usually installed at busy intersections and they mainly spot drivers guilty of violating red light or traffic signal.  The cameras function by triggering a response whenever red light violation is exercised and they simply click photo of the front number plate as well as the driver. Once the image of the number plate and driver is captured, the individual receives a ticket after some time at his residence along with the ticket.

So once you are charged with red light ticket, you may feel that you have been charged with the fine without any fault of yours. In this case you can simply fight your red light ticket with the help of a red light camera ticket lawyer. You can within 30 days challenge the red light camera ticket with the help of an experienced traffic attorney. Here are some of the ways and counter points that you can along with your attorney state in the court to fight my ticket to stand the chances of winning it –

  • In order to claim that you been charged wrongly with a ticket, you can challenge the clarity of the photo. Since during the time when the photo was captured your vehicle would have been in moving position, hence there are higher chances of the photo being blurred. Thus poor image quality can be one of the important reasons to challenge the ticket and demanding for reversal of the charges.
  • Although the owner of the car is held responsible for the red light ticket, you can in your defense claim that you had been driving the car. Ideally at the time of the incident you should not have been driving car and you should be able to prove it in front of the court. For this purpose, you should be able to extend some proper evidence of your presence at some place else during the time ticket was given.
  • Another counter point that you can present in the court to fight your red light camera ticket is by claiming that the red light was not in function when you jumped the signal. This can be a proper defense as red lights often get dysfunctional due to some technical fault and if you can prove so then surely you would be able to fight your ticket in a desirable manner.
  • In order to persuade the judge to declare you not guilty of the red light ticket, you can argue in your favor that you jumped the red light to avoid an accident. Thus if you are able to make the judge believe that your  passed through an intersection to avoid harm or a some serious accident, the judge may then think in your favor and may declare you innocent.

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