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Achieve the Perfect Look For Your Home With These 4 Popular Roof Colors 

Achieve the Perfect Look For Your Home With These 4 Popular Roof Colors

Your roof is your home’s crowning glory. Not only is it one of the main features of your home’s all-important curb appeal, but your roof takes up around 40 percent of a house’s visual exterior. 

Despite all this, most people rarely put much thought into what the best roof color might be for their property. Instead, they usually go with whatever they had before or whatever everyone else in the street has. 

But if you’re thinking of changing things up, it’s the perfect opportunity to consider whether today’s most popular roof colors could work for your home. Let’s take a look at some key roof color trends to find out!

1. Gray

As any roofing company will tell you, gray is a firm favorite roof color for smart homeowners.

This is especially true with darker gray shingle colors, which offer a striking contrast to all different houses, including white, brown, tan, blue, and red. But at the same time, gray isn’t as dense as black, meaning that it’s a great compromise for anyone who wants a roof that’s dark but not too dark. 

2. Light Blue

While light blue might not be an obvious choice for a roof color, it’s becoming a lot more popular with homes in some parts of the US thanks to the vacation-style vibes it can offer, especially for white houses.

For homes in warmer climes, a light blue roof feels almost tropical, while for homes in coastal areas, what could be more nautical than a white home with a crisp blue roof and porch to match?

3. Green

Dark shades of green are becoming increasingly popular for both interiors and roof colors, especially for homes with white exteriors. The combination of white and dark green is both classic and unexpected at once. Green offers a twist on classic roof colors such as gray and black, but without seeming too outlandish or shocking. 

For homes in more rural or leafy suburban settings, a dark green roof can help your home to blend in with its natural surroundings better. When paired with a green roof, brown or tan homes, in particular, appear to work in harmony with a home’s backdrop rather than against it. 

4. Dark Blue

A dark blue roof can give your home a stately feel, especially when paired with a white exterior.

Dark blue also works well if you need to choose a roof color for a brown or tan-colored home. While many people used to favor darker brown roofs for brown houses, the contrast that a cool navy blue offers against the warmth of brown walls create the kind of impact that will set your home apart from others. 

Popular Roof Colors

As this quick guide shows, some of today’s most popular roof colors are still classic choices. 

But nowadays, homeowners tend to put more thought and consideration into how these colors might work in harmony with their home’s exterior and surroundings. 

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