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These Are the Different Types of Beds for Your Home 

These Are the Different Types of Beds for Your Home
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When looking to furnish your home, knowing which style of bed to choose is not an easy decision. Twin-size mattresses account for 31% of purchases, but there is a lot more diversity in the bed industry than you might expect.

So what are the main types of beds out there? And how do you know which one is right for your home?

Keep reading for everything you need to know about different types of beds.

Single Bed

The first of the different bed options to consider is a single bed, also known as twin-size. This can be a great choice for smaller rooms, where a larger double bed would not fit.

They are particularly useful for spare bedrooms so that you can have guests to stay. They are also well suited for children between the ages of needing a crib, and teenagers who are large enough to need a double.

King Size Bed

One of the most popular kinds of beds is the king-size option. This is a double bed that is larger than both a full-size and queen-size. It is actually slightly wider than the California king dimensions, but not as long lengthways.

Most furniture retailers will offer many different beds for sale, so make sure you take careful measurements of your bedroom so you know which size mattress will fit.

Water Bed

A more unusual choice of beds for your home is the water bed. Water beds often resemble normal beds from the outside, but they can be a great help to those suffering from back pain.

Water beds can also be heated to different temperatures to assist with muscle aches and to help keep you cozy during the winter months. Water beds do not rupture easily, but they can be fixed with a vinyl repair kit should this occur.

Trundle Bed

The next of the different types of beds to explore is the trundle bed. Trundle beds are a useful option for those looking to save on space.

They consist of a twin-size bed, and underneath, a second twin-size mattress can be rolled out on wheels. They are the perfect option for children having slumber parties, as when the additional bed is no longer needed, it can simply be slid back under and out of the way.

Bunk Bed

The final option to explore when choosing a bed, especially for children, is the bunk bed. Bunk beds are wonderful fun for children who will enjoy the novelty of sleeping one on top of the other.

This is another handy space-saving option and a more permanent bedding solution than a trundle bed.

Those Are the Main Types of Beds

We’ve now been through the most popular types of beds available, and what the benefits are for each style. You can now decide which one will work best in your home, depending on who it is for and what space you have available.

If you found this article about your different bed options useful, make sure you take a look at our home-related posts!

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