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A Complete Guide on How to Protect Your Car 

A Complete Guide on How to Protect Your Car

The average American will own their car for nearly seven years. And research has shown that the average age of a car on the road is on the rise. 

That’s down to the quality of car manufacturing improving over time, of course. But we’d like to think that some of that has to do with owners who keep tabs on car maintenance so their car looks great and runs well, too. 

How can you protect your car so that it looks brand new for the next decade or so? Here are our x best vehicle maintenance tips. 

1. Park Inside

What happens when you leave a colored material in the sun for too long? It starts to fade — and the same can happen to your car. 

Your car has a clear protective coating over its paint, but, over time, sun damage can cause little pores to open up on this surface. As the sun gets into these holes, it touches the paint and starts to fade the color over time. 

You can easily avoid this, though — park your car in the shade or in a garage to keep the paint job fresh for as long as you can. 

2. Clean Your Car Regularly 

It’s not just about riding around in a sparkling vehicle. If you don’t wash your car regularly, it might be sitting around with damaging debris on its surface that can permanently affect the paint job. 

For example, bird droppings might land on your car. If you leave them to sit for too long, they can permanently discolor your car’s paint job. That’s because their droppings are acidic, which means they can slowly eat away at the clear coat that protect your car’s exterior from the elements. 

If you notice dirt, dust and other debris building up, don’t hesitate. Find a reputable carwash and get them to scour your ride. 

3. Consider a Protective Film

If you want to protect your vehicle, then consider popping on an extra layer on the outside to lock in its color and shine. 

A glueless car protection film protects the car from UV rays for a half-year. Beyond that, though, it keeps scratches and chips at bay. It also keeps salt and dust off of your car’s paint, which, as we know, can be quite damaging. 

This is a great, hands-off way to perform exterior maintenance on your car. Simply tack on the film and let it do the protective work for you. 

And, if you’re not ready to invest in a protective film, consider a clear coat protection formula. You can use a microfiber cloth to apply it to your car’s exterior every time you wash your vehicle. This will protect the clear coat from those pores we mentioned earlier, meaning it can better withstand the elements and keep your ride looking its best. 

Protect Your Car Now

Whether your ride’s brand new, a few years old, or a generational hand-me-down, there are steps to take to protect your car. These are only three ideas to get you started, but there are so many ways to maintain your vehicle, both inside and out. 

Be sure to check back with us for more auto news and advice. 

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