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A Bargain Lover’s Guide on Where to Shop on Black Friday 2020 

A Bargain Lover’s Guide on Where to Shop on Black Friday 2020
Black Friday

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to start creating your holiday shopping list. Gather the little ones around and ask them what things they’d like you to shop for, come up with ideas for your loved ones, and consider buying a thing or two for yourself as well.

Why? There’s no better time to shop than on Black Friday! This is the one time of the year when you can find some of the greatest deals on just about anything. 

Are you not sure where to shop on Black Friday? With so many different stores putting out deals of the year, how will you know which ones to include in your Black Friday shopping plans? The answer to that question relies on the type of items you’re looking for.

In the Black Friday shopping guide below, you’ll discover where the best Black Friday shopping is and a few shopping tips as well. Continue reading to find out more!

Black Friday Shopping 2020

If you’ve done Black Friday shopping in the past, then you know that all the wonderful deals hit the shelves on the Friday after Thanksgiving. There have been a few changes to the schedule throughout the years, such as the time stores open changing from 6 am to 12 am. Some stores even began opening for Black Friday on actual Thanksgiving Day.

This year, things will look a bit different. Many stores are choosing to release Black Friday deals throughout the entire month of November, instead of releasing them all on the same day. Each week, these stores are putting out new deals.

Because of this change, it’s best to keep on top of what new deals will come out for the different weeks. Although you can expect a system like this one from many retailers, each retailer makes its own decision when to start their Black Friday deals, so keep in mind that each one is different. 

Best Buy

Best Buy is not only a great store to find Black Friday deals on electronics. There are many other items you can find here that you might not think of. For example, you can also find appliances, smartwatches, toys, personal care and beauty products, home care items, furniture, and holiday items as well. 

If you haven’t thought about buying your next desk or washing machine at Best Buy, now might be the time to do so. Best Buy will be releasing deals during the entire holiday season. 

If you’re looking for something specific, such as a Lenovo laptop or electronic, be sure to visit individual websites for their own deals. You can read more about those specific products and their own Black Friday deals. 

Home Depot

The Home Depot is another amazing store for Black Friday deals that you might not have thought of. Area rugs, home decor and furniture, appliances, and storage and organization solutions are just a few items you might not have thought about picking up at Home Depot. 

The Home Depot is also choosing to release Black Friday deals throughout the entire month of November until December 2nd. 


Who doesn’t love to make purchases from Amazon? If you have Amazon Prime, you even get free, fast delivery on several awesome items. Here, you can find great deals on electronics, home items, kitchen essentials, clothing, toys, sports items, and so much more. 

Amazon hasn’t released when they’ll start Black Friday deals this year, but if you sign up for their emails or follow them on social media, you can be one of the first to know! Shopping on Amazon for Black Friday is convenient and prevents you from having to stand in long lines with hundreds of other people. 


If you’re a gamer, then you know just how important GameStop is for finding the newest games and the classic games all in one place. You can also find tons of gamer accessories, game systems, and other fun things like cool t-shirts. GameStop hasn’t announced when they’ll release their Black Friday deals, but they will be closed on the day after Thanksgiving. 

To stay tuned and be the first to know when their amazing deals will be released, you can sign up to be on their email list! You’ll then be sent exclusive promotions, coupons, and information regarding all the latest events, including Black Friday.  


Macy’s is a one-stop shopping experience for all things apparel, beauty, and home. Even when they’re not putting out Black Friday Deals, Macy’s is a great place to find some of the best prices on these items. This year, the Black Friday deals have already started. 

If you visit Macy’s website, you’ll find a link for the “Black Friday Early Access” section. That’s right, you can begin your Black Friday shopping right now, and when you spend more than $25, the items ship for free! Interested in another awesome perk?

Macy’s is now offering a “shop now, pay later” system. You can make the purchase now and then pay later by breaking the price of the purchase down into 4 interest-free payments!


Kohl’s is a great store to shop at on Black Friday if you’re looking for clothing, home furnishings, shoes, toys, electronics, bed and bath, jewelry, sports equipment, and more! Kohl’s won’t be open on Thanksgiving Day. They will, however, open on actual Black Friday. 

Although they haven’t put out any great deals yet, you can keep checking back with them until it’s closer to Black Friday to see what type of Black Friday deals you can expect. 


You can already find Black Friday deals in Target’s ads. This year, Target won’t be waiting until Black Friday to start the major savings. They’ll be releasing new deals for Black Friday each week! 

Every Thursday, be sure to pick up a new Target ad and see what new deals were released that week. If you download the Target app, you can find the weekly ads there and you also have the ability to browse through Target Circle deals as well. These are deals that Target offers on a regular basis. 

If you’re lucky, you might find a Target Circle deal that can be combined with a Black Friday deal. Bring on the extra savings!


Nordstrom is a great store to find clothing items, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and more from some of the best brands. This year, Nordstrom will open on November, 27th for Black Friday. They’ll also be hosting a Cyber Monday event as well. 

If you decide to shop online, all purchases will ship for free. Returns are free as well, without a minimum. If you want to shop at the store, you can do so. 

You also have the option of curbside pickup to keep the family warm and safe!


Walmart is taking both an online and in-store approach this year for Black Friday deals. Rather than waiting until Black Friday, this year, Walmart will host their “Black Friday Deals for Days” event! They’ll be releasing deals throughout the entire month of November as part of a three-part event

Some of these events are only available online, however. If you plan to shop at the store, you also have the option to do a curbside pickup. When you visit Walmart’s website, you’ll find a Black Friday section where they list dates and times for the separate events. 

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

When you sign up for their email list, you can get the latest Black Friday ads from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The store will be closed on Thanksgiving, and it’s to be determined whether they’ll open on Black Friday or not. This is the best place to find all your bedrooms, bathroom, and home needs. 

The best thing to do is sign up for the email list and wait to hear from them about specific start dates for Black Friday. Either way, if you need an upgrade in your bathroom, bedroom, or home in general, you’ll want to stay on top of their Black Friday deals. 


Do you have a pet at home? Have you thought about Black Friday shopping for your pet? Pets are expensive, just like children, ad Black Friday is one of the best days to find great deals on pet supplies. 

Chewy decided to do their Black Friday deals during the month of October, but there are still more savings to be found. Early cyber savings are already starting, so you can shop their website right now and find some awesome deals for Cyber Monday. 

Do You Know Where to Shop on Black Friday?

Because many stores are choosing to spread out their deals throughout the month, you won’t have to make too difficult of a decision on where to shop on actual Black Friday. Many of the best deals can be found online or purchased online and picked up curbside for Black Friday. 

When it comes to knowing where to shop on Black Friday for the best deals, the answer lies with your specific needs. Use the guide above to determine which store has the right deals for you!

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