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6 Style Tips to Upgrade Your Bedroom 

6 Style Tips to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, but it doesn’t often receive the same attention as the living room, kitchen, or bathroom when it comes to decor. Because you spend a third of your life sleeping, and your bedroom is one of the primary places you relax and wind down after a difficult day, the space deserves to be a thoughtful and well-designed oasis for you to kick back and distress. 

Read on for valuable tips to help you enhance both the look and feel of your bedroom. 

1. Change Your Pillows and Blankets

Your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, and as the focal point of the space, it has the potential to make the biggest design impact. Before you approach the presentation aspect, make sure it’s as comfortable a place to rest as it can be. Upgrade your pillows to support your unique nightly sleeping position, invest in the best mattress topper for your body, and make sure your blankets help to keep you at an ideal temperature throughout the night.

From there, you can make a big impact by making simple changes to the bedspread and throwing pillows on your bed. Even a small change with the addition of a new colour, pattern, texture, or material can really switch up the whole look of your bedroom. 

2. Reconfigure the Layout

You can refresh your space without spending any money at all simply by rearranging the furniture of the room. While you move things around, try to consider whether some of the pieces are necessary or if you could find ways to simplify and pare down your belongings. When the surfaces of your dresser and side tables are neat, tidy, and minimally decorated, it can make the whole room feel lighter and airier. 

3. Add Some Paint

A pop of colour here and there can really make a statement, but a coat of paint can take it even further. Try out an accent wall, or even a simple mural, behind your bed or give new life to your dresser, tables, lamps, or chairs with a fresh hue. You can incorporate a favourite colour, a soothing tone, or a bright and invigorating shade to bring energy, in whatever form you’d like, to your bedroom.

4. Throw down a Rug

Even if you have beautiful hardwood floors or lush carpeting in your bedroom, a new rug can be the perfect addition to really make a significant style upgrade with very little effort. You can add a large rug that covers a wide area of your room or just a small section at the foot of your bed, and even the smallest of rugs can really pull the room together through patterns and colours that tie in the design of the rest of the space. 

5. Reorganise

Clutter can not only make it hard for you to navigate your bedroom, but the visual impact of things in disarray can make it hard for you to feel relaxed and at ease in a place that is intended just for that. Take some time to reorganise your space and look for stylish storage solutions that help to keep your things neatly stored, such as decorative baskets, beautiful wall hooks, or repurposed trunks, or other interesting containers.

6. Personalise the Walls

From personal photos to meaningful pieces of framed art, wall decor is a wonderful way to add some personality and flair to your bedroom. If you have enough wall space, a gallery wall can display special mementos, favourite photographs, interesting drawings, colourful abstract paintings, or even just simple sketches placed in beautiful frames. 

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