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5 Warning Signs That You Need a New Roof 

5 Warning Signs That You Need a New Roof

A new roof can seem like a costly expense but this repair can actually save you thousands in the long run! So why get a new roof? Well, an old roof can lead to water damages, mold, and problems with your home’s infrastructure.

So by staying ahead of this repair, you can avoid this domino effect of costly damages. But you might be wondering what are the signs of a damaged roof? Well, keep reading this comprehensive guide for more information!

1. Your Roof Begins to Sag

If your roof is sagging it could mean one of three things. One, there is too much weight on your roof like leaves, snow, and other debris. Or it could have been poorly placed which could cause it to sag.

Lastly, your roof could just be deteriorating and weakening. Nevertheless, all of these factors will require getting a new roof! So call a professional immediately as this could lead to a rood collapse.

2. You Have Water Damage

Water damage and leaks are a direct correlation to a faulty roof. Many times your shingles are badly placed or deteriorating which can cause water to enter your home.

This is a serious issue because it can result in mold/fungus. And once you’ve reached this stage, your home could cause health issues and poor ventilation.

3. Oddly Placed Roof Shingles

Old and damaged shingles will begin to crack and curl inward. Unfortunately, this is very hard to see when you’re on the ground. You might notice some slight variations on your roof that appear bumpy.

You shouldn’t try to get on your roof and check it out as this could lead to more damages or injury! Instead, call a professional like, to determine if you should get a new roof or not!

4. Higher Electric Bills

If you notice your heating and cooling expenses have increased without any changes then a bad roof could be the culprit. This usually happens because of a leak that can affect your ventilation.

When your ventilation is destroyed, this causes heat loss during colder months and cold air loss during the summer. Therefore your AC and heating unit will work overtime to keep your home at the right temperature which will cause a higher bill!

5. There Is Sand in Your Driveway

When your roof becomes damaged, your shingles will be directly affected as well. What happens is that the shingles begin to shed the top coat of the granule.

And if you have gutters around your home, these granules will make their way into them and on your driveway.

Get a New Roof Today

No more wondering “should I get a new roof”, because now you have all the answers! So don’t wait until it’s too late and call a professional today!

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