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5 Simple Cleaning Tips To Help Keep Your Pool Looking Great 

5 Simple Cleaning Tips To Help Keep Your Pool Looking Great

It’s easy to get caught up in fantasies of entertaining friends and family on the weekends, getting in shape by swimming laps after work, and spending lazy afternoons by the pool tanning.

There is, however, one crucial aspect of pool ownership that is frequently overlooked in these daydreams: pool maintenance. A lack of adequate pool care may lead to undesirable circumstances, including green water, damaged filters, and algae buildup.

Keep on reading for our five perfect cleaning tips that will have your pool gleaming in no time. 

1. The Foundation of All Cleaning Tips: Cleaning the Pool’s Edge

To avoid cleaning the pool’s edge, many people postpone it. However, we recommend that you clean the pool’s perimeter regularly.

You can prevent limescale from forming at the water line this way. The more challenging it will be to remove the limescale if you put it off any longer.

As a result, cleaning the pool’s edge should be done frequently. Maintaining a clear water line and preventing scale buildup on the pool’s surface and sides is essential.

2. Add a Flocculant to the Mix

Several concentrations may rise over time if the same water is used repeatedly. The presence of calcium, iron, and copper in the pool may clog it up and leave dark stains. A flocculant should be used to prevent this.

Placing the bags of flocculant in the skimmers is all that’s required. With a pool vacuum, you can quickly remove these dirt particles from the pool. Using the filtering system, you may spread the product and let it do its job.

And, remember that if you’re still feeling a bit shaky on how to clean a pool, you can always leave it to the professionals. 

3. Cleaning the Pool Using a Vacuum

You may use a pool vacuum to remove the remaining dirt particles. These are available in a wide range of styles.

The cost of a manual vacuum cleaner is pretty low. However, there are several pricing ranges here as well. We’ve found that a more costly vacuum does a better job of cleaning than a less expensive one.

4. Take Out the Leaves

Because they absorb so much chlorine, leaves have a negative impact on water quality. Because of this, they should be taken out regularly.

Skimming nets are helpful for this, but make sure to empty the skimmer basket since it will frequently include a substantial number of leaves.

5. Backwashing the Pool’s Filtration System

You must backwash the pool filter before use. The filter may get clogged without a backwash. This may even cause the filter to burst in severe circumstances.

The answer, on the other hand, is a piece of cake. Remove the dirt particles from the water by having the filter backwash once a week. The pressure within the filter can no longer rise when they are removed from the pool.

Cleaning Your Pool: The Simple Way

While maintaining a pool requires some effort, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. We hope that our guide has given you a solid head start, arming you with our cleaning tips. You’ll be able to spend more time lounging by the pool if you follow these simple pool care suggestions. 

However, home maintenance doesn’t stop here. Check out our home improvement section for our additional tips and tricks on having (and maintaining) your dream home

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