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5 Features of Smart TV That You Probably Don’t Know 

5 Features of Smart TV That You Probably Don’t Know

Aside from smartphones, Google assistants and many other high-tech devices, smart TVs are an exceptional invention of modern times. Smart TVs have truly transformed how people consume entertainment. With the inclusion of Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime in modern-day TVs, users don’t have to wait to watch their favourite shows or go through the painstaking process of browsing streaming sites. Simply put, a smart TV is an excellent addition to any home, especially if the inhabitants are avid fans of the telly! 

That said, even the most hard-core TV fanatics seem to be missing out on some exceptional smart TV features because, for them, Netflix is enough. While the built-in applications in a smart television are not great, they only make a part of a much greater collection of features that can make telly watching so much more exciting. 

If you don’t know about the lesser-known offerings your television has, we will be here to help because, in this article, we lay out all of those and more! 

Internet Browsing

Imagine you are enjoying a film on the weekend, lying on the sofa all alone, and your phone is in the bedroom. Basically, it’s just you and your TV. Then suddenly, the character on the screen supposedly states a fact, and you want to verify it, but you also don’t want to move. What do you do then? It’s simple, use your smartphone to go to the internet and browse away! That’s right; smart TV also offers browsing services to users so that they don’t have to look for another device if they need to look for something online.

Furthermore, using the internet on an enormous screen can be much more rewarding than any other. No matter how big your laptop or phone is, it cannot compete with the high resolution of your TV.

Online Streaming

Catching the news as it happens or watching an event involving a high-profile personality as it unfolds, such as the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, can be quite exciting as you get to witness everything in real-time. Many people think that they cannot do so on a smart TV, but that’s a misconception! You can enjoy live streaming of a ceremony on your smart TV. Just download the UStream app and see it all as it happens.

Train At Home

Having a lazy day? Maybe some push-ups and squats can help, but who will go to the gym?! We understand. 

Going to the gym can be an uphill battle, especially if you have to drive to get to it, and some days you just don’t want to do that! Well, your smart TV is here to help! 

Now you can install many fitness apps on your TV and work out at home to get your daily/weekly training session into your day! 

Video Games 

To all the video gamers out there, smart TVs have something for you. Now you can play games on your TV using just the remote. Sure they might not have the elaborate settings and complicated missions for you, but they can certainly make for a decent pastime. For a quick sesh, smart TV games can give the gamer in you some satisfaction. 

Listen To the Radio

Need to do some chores but want to listen to your favourite radio show too? Tune in via your smart TV in the living room and turn up the volume so that you don’t miss out on your program. 

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