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4 Destination Wedding Packages That Will Inspire 

4 Destination Wedding Packages That Will Inspire

A new wedding study found that 47% of couples who had planned a wedding for 2020 will now celebrate their union in 2021. This is why the study predicts 2021 will be one of the years with most weddings in the last decade.

Are you one of the millions of couples planning a wedding this year? Have you considered having a destination wedding now that traveling is picking back up?

This guide will offer some ideas for destination wedding packages you might want. Keep reading to find the wedding destination of your dreams.

1. Consider Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you’re looking for all-inclusive wedding packages abroad, you should consider a place south of the border. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a beautiful beachside location with a tropical setting you’ll love.

You can rent your own private villa for the ceremony or host it at a hotel. All-inclusive packages include the venue, staff, photographers, and everything else you need. This way you only have to focus on having a wonderful wedding.

2. Have a Southwest Wedding in Shiraz, Texas

If you want to travel to a new place without going too far for your wedding, you should consider having a beautiful southwest wedding in Shiraz, Texas. This is the perfect place for a vintage-style, outdoor wedding.

Your photographer will capture beautiful photos of you and the rest of your wedding party with the Texas Hill Country as your backdrop. If you’ve always dreamed of a wedding under the shade of trees and overlooking green pastures, this is the perfect location for you. Book your wedding package today!

3. Choose a Wedding Package in Nashville, Tennessee

Do you want a country wedding in Nashville? Consider an all-inclusive package with

Get access to the wedding venue for the entire day and a photographer who will take pictures of you at beautiful locations like the Carmac Falls, the Bank of the Evins Mill Pond, and the Historic Gristmill and Granary.

You have lots of amazing locations to choose from whether you want to elope or have a micro wedding in Nashville. There’s Oaklands Mansion Murfreesboro and Homestead Manor Thompson Station too.

4. Have a European Wedding in Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is the perfect backdrop for one of the best days of your life. Marrying your best friend and lover as you look out to the water bordered by the Alps might be the wedding of your dreams.

This popular wedding destination has lots of venue options for you to choose from. You can choose to have an outdoor wedding or rent a villa with European architecture as your venue.

Choose the best wedding photography packages so you’ll have memories of your destination wedding for years to come.

Destination Wedding Packages You Can Choose

Are you interested in getting married in another state or country? There are many great destination wedding packages to choose from. You can plan a small wedding in many locations around Nashville, Tennessee, or travel all the way to Lake Como in Italy.

Did you find inspiring wedding ideas in this blog? If you did, check out some of the other love and relationship blogs on our site.

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