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4 Common Male Performance Problems and How to Treat Them 

4 Common Male Performance Problems and How to Treat Them

Is male performance a top concern for you? If so, you aren’t alone.

Nearly 12 million American men have experienced erectile dysfunction or other performance issues. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through four common problems with performance, and what you can do about them. Keep reading to learn more!

Common Male Performance Problems

Male sexual dysfunction can describe a wide variety of symptoms, each with different causes and treatments. So, there’s no one size fits all approach. Use this article as a quick reference to help you identify which issues may affect you, and get ready to take action. 

1. Low Libido

Reduced interest in sex can be caused by a variety of physical conditions, but oftentimes it’s linked to psychology. These could include fear or concern about sexual performance, relationship problems, depression, anxiety, past sexual trauma, and work-related stress.

If you’ve recently lost interest in sex, it might be time to address your mental health. Try incorporating a mindful practice like yoga or meditation into your day, talk your issues through with your partner, or consider speaking with a licensed mental health professional. 

2. Erectile Dysfuntion

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most commonly reported sexual issues among men. And, it’s also one of the most stressful. Being unable to achieve or maintain a strong erection can eventually lead to fear and stress associated with sex, so if you’re already experiencing symptoms it’s best to act fast.

Physical causes of ED include heart disease, diabetes, and blood pressure. But, other factors can play a part, too. Alcohol, smoking, drug use, and some prescription medicines may also cause erectile problems.

If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, start by changing some of these unhealthy habits; and speak to a healthcare professional as soon as possible. 

3. Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculation that happens before or too soon after sexual penetration can be embarrassing and problematic. And, while the exact causes remain unknown, performance anxiety is believed to be a major contributing factor when it comes to premature ejaculation. 

Other factors may include stress, depression, issues with self-confidence, a history of sexual repression, or lack of communication with sexual partners. If you’re struggling with early ejaculation, start by discussing the issue with your partner and changing your sexual routine. Communication and prolonged foreplay are just two of the many methods that might help.

4. Inhibited Ejaculation

Ejaculation that does not happen or takes a very long time to occur can interfere with a happy and fulfilling sex life. And, just like premature ejaculation, its cause is not always known. 

Some physical causes of inhibited or delayed ejaculation include long-term health problems, a history of prior surgeries, medication side effects, and alcohol abuse. It can also be caused by psychological issues like depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship problems.

If you’re struggling to reach orgasm, start by talking to your partner. A change in routine might help, as can lifestyle adjustments and taking on some healthy habits like daily exercise. 

Take Action Today

Now that you know a bit about common male performance issues, you’re probably ready to take action.

Start by identifying which types of dysfunction you are dealing with. Then, adjust your lifestyle as needed. If you don’t see results, your best bet is to talk with a doctor right away. 

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