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5 Tips to Create the Ultimate Truck Bed Camper 

5 Tips to Create the Ultimate Truck Bed Camper

Do you want to take your truck on the road? Follow these tips to see how to convert your truck bed into the ultimate truck bed camper.

When people buy pickup trucks, they tell themselves that they can travel and have a great time doing it. This is not always an option for everyone. With all the benefits of camping, you need a mode of transport.

It is mainly because when you invest a couple of dollars into it and get a good camper, the truck will transform almost instantaneously.

Here are some tips that will make it simpler for you to install a truck bed camper.

Get a Truck Bed Camper Shell

With a camper shell, your truck will instantly transform from a normal truck into a bona fide RV, although it might be a small one. This is easier said than done. The camper shells are expensive.

There are also many options to consider.

The trick is to know what you are looking for and counter-check your budget.

When you research thoroughly, you will certainly find something that will suit your taste. Remember to buy a model that is made specifically for your truck. Not all of them are made to fit all vehicles.

Ensure that it also has an extended roofline. This will increase your comfort and make your camping experience much more enjoyable. The Hawk Truck Camper from Four Wheel Campers is a great choice to look at.

Think About the Bed Frame

Whether you are buying futon or a water mattress, placing it directly on the bed of the truck is a terrible mistake. First, you are not giving the space enough insulation because you are sleeping directly on the metal. The chances of getting an illness are pretty high.

Also, there is no way you can store anything in the space above where you are sleeping. With a bed frame, you have storage space underneath. There is also a chance that the wheels will protrude into your space.

You can do this easily by using 2X4 boards and plywood. Ensure the frame extends over the wheel.


Camping accessories come in handy and they can add up. So buy those flashlights, propane stoves, pots, mini-fridges, and pans. Be sure to look out for anything that can serve multiple purposes because that will save both money and storage space.

Remember to store them in order of priority- what you use often and what you almost never use.

You Do Not Necessarily Need a Bigger Truck

The size of your truck is not a prerequisite to how good your truck camping will be. In fact, if you have a shell camper and a good bed frame, even a medium-sized truck will be perfect for most camping purposes. All you have to do is custom your needs to fit in the truck.

Keep the Place Clean

If you are thinking of using the bed for camping, make sure you treat it like your house. Hygiene is paramount. Do not throw items around and forget to pick them up.

Whether You Are Looking for A Truck Bed Camper for Your Own Camping or Will Have Some Company, Make Sure You Do It Right

Regardless of the climate, remember to buy numerous blankets, extra clothes, enough food, and suitable sleeping bags. A truck bed camper will significantly impact your outdoor experience.

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