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Ready for the Job: 5 Construction Site Essentials 

Ready for the Job: 5 Construction Site Essentials
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Did you know that there are over 7.2 million construction jobs in America each year?

If you’re interested in joining this booming industry as a construction business owner, learning how to provide for your employees is essential to succeed. This is why having a handy construction site checklist can ensure you cover all of your bases.

Are you ready to learn about what you’ll need for each project? Keep reading for five construction site essentials.

1. Construction Safety Gear

Out of all of the construction site must-haves, safety gear is number one aside from the tools. Hard hats, visors, vests, gloves, debris masks, and earplugs are just a few of the many things that can help keep your workers safe and comfortable. Although it’s not required, having other supplies like sunscreen and a cooler full of refreshments will be greatly appreciated by your staff.

2. Fencing and Signs

Construction projects can’t get done overnight, unfortunately, which means you’ll need to have fencing and warning signs to ensure the public stays out of the construction site. Not only are construction sites dangerous, but there can also be valuable building materials that you’ll want to protect from theft.

3. Medical Gear

Having plenty of safety gear is great for preventing accidents, but even the most experienced construction workers can get hurt on the job. This is why it’s essential to have plenty of supplies on hand to treat a wide range of injuries. A first aid kit, eye washing gear, a fire extinguisher, and spare personal protective equipment (PPE) are vital.

4. Important Legal Documents and Other Helpful Paperwork

Depending on where you’re working, each construction site may be required to have a wide range of legal documents on hand. Induction forms, method statements, work permits, training records, proof of insurance, and a site register are some types of documents you should research. Take the time to learn more about which documents are necessary to legally conduct your work and which ones can help streamline the job.

Other helpful construction site items include all of the paperwork that outlines the details of the project. Your workers may come well-prepared, but it’s always nice to have blueprints and other files to review to ensure the job is completed exactly as planned.

5. An Outdoor Restroom

Since construction workers spend their entire day outside, having access to a bathroom is crucial. While it is possible to coordinate with local businesses, having your own outdoor restroom is ideal for saving time since it’s right on site. This is especially helpful for construction jobs that are in less-busy areas where there’s no nearby access to a restroom.

Every Construction Site Needs These Five Things

Now that you know more about what every construction site needs to be safe and effective, you can start planning to help your construction business thrive.

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