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4-Causes of RAID Data Loss 

4-Causes of RAID Data Loss

Having all of your data available at the touch of a button is a great advancement in technology and can make your life easier than ever before. Sharing information between business or customers is making business more effective and more efficient too. But what if you lose all of that data and information that you had been relying on and require to keep your life on track, the results can be devastating. To help you identify what to watch for we complied a list of four main causes of RAID data loss, here they are.

Human Error

No one wants to think that they might be responsible for their own problems, however human error can easily be the root of your problem and hopefully one of the easier ones to watch out for. You may be looking to improve your systems by doing some reinstalling or possibly hoping to make things better by performing some reformatting. A number of people even look to streamline things with a volume overwrite and it’s here that they run into problems and may cause their own RAID issues. Some you can’t always watch out for though, are when it’s malicious intent and some unsavory subjects are looking to cause harm in the online community.

Power Issues

We come to rely very heavily on power and power sources, sometimes however they can be the electrical root of our technological problems. Abnormal power cycling will cause you problems you are not looking for, as well as power surges as a result of power line or power company issues that can not be controlled by you. Problems with power can result in drives being out-of-sync that make it difficult to reincorporate. Naturally a full on loss of power followed by a restart can lead to any one of these issues with your RAID. It might be completely out of your control, but it does happen.

Mechanical Issues

Despite a quality machine with quality parts, built by a reputable company, issues still might arise. If a problem comes up resulting in an individual drive failure you might be alright. After sometime however, if it has been running in a degraded state, it will put pressure on other systems that are making up the machines shortcomings. After awhile this all might become too much and can risk having more drive failures. This is especially prone with rebuilds that might fail or have problems due to shabby work.

Natural Disasters

The cause of many beautiful things and many frightening moments, Mother Nature can often wreak havoc on the world she runs. A natural disaster can come out of nowhere, be it fire, water or other contaminated disasters that can cause a RAID array without notice. Raid recovery from these disasters can be tricky, though it’s not always impossible.

You can’t always foresee the future but sometime you can take some preventative measures or know what to look for in order to save yourself from some possible problems. If you become the victim of one of the above that could lead to needing RAID recovery help, you’ll be happy to know its out there.

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