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Advantages of Introducing Video Interviews in Your Organization 

Advantages of Introducing Video Interviews in Your Organization
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It is true that video interviews make the complete hiring process easier, swifter, and more convenient for recruiters and applicant alike. It does not really matter where you or your applicants are or when your schedules align, with video interviewing, interviews can easily happen anytime, anywhere. Not just this, video interviewing extends various other benefits, making it adored among businesses of all shapes and sizes.  A research suggests that more than sixty percent of the recruiters are already making use of video technology. Most of the businesses prefer making use of it for initial stages of screening to save their time and resources.

If you are a business, you must not miss out on video interview platforms. These platforms can get you the best experience, smooth recruiting and quality candidates for your organization.  With the emergence of concept of artificial intelligence and technology like facial expression detection, video interviews is the next huge thing in recruiting. For now, have a lot at some of the main benefits of introducing video interviews to your recruiting process.

No scheduling issues 

That is a given. No matter it is scheduling 1 interview or 20, video interviews relieve the headache of backward and forward in scheduling face-to-face interviews. Just schedule the interviews for all the applicants at once and they can answer those questions as per the convenience. Looking at the video responses of applicants, the hiring or recruiting manager can get a sense of whom to move forward in the procedure. Now you can easily screen more candidates in less time.

Comparing applicants is easy

Never worry about referring to your old notes when picking candidates. You can always go back and peep at the interview of the candidates again. You can even compare those interviews with past interviews of successful employees at your company. In this way, you can find out where they stand and if they are okay for the organization or not. The comparison would give you an apt idea about the effectivity of the candidates. 

Cater a consistent experience

Most of the face-to-face interviews get off track after a certain point and recruitment manager misses to ask about a couple of aspects. With one-way video interviewing, you can easily and always send pre-determined questions to all candidates and expect them to given answer to all of those questions. This helps decision making because you are going to have comparable points for every single candidate.

Remove stressors for the candidate

Many good and bright candidates get stressed out in a situation of face to face interview and are not able to display their domain knowledge. With video interviews, you allow the candidate to set the stage in a stress-free environment. Of course, there are times when amazing candidates come up for the face to face interview, but they fail to be their true self because of the anxiety or nervousness. 

Temptpassive candidates

Not always a candidate is actively searching for a job and that is the reason why many drop off when they are told to travel for a specific interview, without knowing benefits, perks or even that of salary of the job. With the assistance of video interviews, you can make sure that you don’t miss out on these candidates. The point is clear, once the candidates know that they can take up the interview right from the comfort of their house or residence, they go for it. Moreover, sometimes, candidates are double minded about the face to face interviews in another city or area. They think that what is the point if going or travelling so far when there is no surety if they get selected or not.  So, they drop the idea of traveling. 

Save travel costs

Then it is also true that your candidates can save a lot of money if they are given the chance to take interviews online. Of course, they do not need to travel their distances and hence, money saving.  These days, you know it that the roads are full of traffic and people take up hours to cover a couple of kilometres.  If you eradicate the thing of travelling, you allow your candidates to save a lot of money.

Exterminate unnecessary talks 

Every single face-to-face interview has a pinch of a small talk associated and it turns out to be exhausting for hiring managers to conduct many in a single day. With one-way video interviewing, you can easily come straight to the point, in the absence of any chit chat and save a lot of energy and time. Indeed, there are hardly any instances when people get into conversations during the video interviews. But when there are face to face interviews; you can find the bit of unneeded talks.

Check the technical calibre of the candidates 

In the present time, every individual should have some sort of information about technical aspects.  Well, a clean interview that gets recorded by an applicant indicates in a way that the applicant knows how to use new technology. In a way, the video interviewing is going to help reveal the attention to detail and readiness of the candidates. The point is clear, you would know how much the applicants know about the technical aspects. At least, they have used the computer, internet and the software to make that interview happen.  

Construct your brand 

Your clients and applicants want an amazing experience whenever and wherever they link up or associate with your business. Offering a video interview platform places, you as a technology leader and a huge problem solver. Once you simplify the things for your candidates, you become a preference and hero for them. It is not just about the opportunities these days; it is about the convenience too.  When you are providing your people to take up the interview as per their convenience, you give them the power to be at ease and take the test comfortably.


So, you should understand that video interview platforms are useful and effective for your business. It is the time that you introduce video videos in your recruitment drive if you haven’t done it already.

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