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3 Signs You Need New Car Tires 

3 Signs You Need New Car Tires

Those looking to purchase new car tires for their vehicle often have a tough time deciding when the right time is to make their purchase.

Tires are a major investment, and while they offer several benefits and require regular upkeep, they can have quite a hefty price tag. So, when should you schedule a tire fitting session and get your car tires replaced?

When you start noticing a few minor signs, that’s when you need new tires. Keep on reading to see the signs that you need to schedule a tire replacement for your vehicle.

1. The Sidewalls of Tires Are Cracked

The sidewalls of tires are the part that stands between the tread and the rim of the wheel. Over time, these walls can weaken and crack, creating a weak spot that can eventually lead to a flat tire. Cracks can also appear as a result of exposure to the elements and harsh road conditions, wearing them down and causing them to become brittle.

If you notice any cracks on the sidewalls, it’s time to get new tires. Another sign is if you feel like your car is taking longer to stop or the ride is less stable than usual, indicating lower tire grip. Check your tire treads and sidewalls from time to time, and take your car in for service from tire and wheel experts as soon as you spot any signs of wear and tear.

2. Bulges on the Tires

Bulges are caused when the tread separates from the casing and the tire no longer has an even, continuous shape. Large bulges often indicate weakened or worn-out tread, exposed cords, and risk of tire failure. Bulges may not always be visible, but any visible bulges are a sign that the tire’s internal structure is compromised.

In addition, any tires that start to look lumpy, bubbly, or discolored, or that start to flatten more when parked but re-inflate when the car is moved, should all be replaced. If a tire is too damaged to be repaired, it should be replaced, and it’s a good idea to replace all four if one needs to be replaced. Don’t hesitate to get new tires, as any safety risk is worth avoiding.

3. Tread Wear Indicator Bars

As a vehicle is driven, the pattern of the tire treads becomes shallower from normal wear and tear. Over time, the tires will reach the point where the tread cannot be trusted to protect the vehicle in inclement weather or on wet roads and need replacing.

Tread wear indicator bars help the driver detect these signs. As the tires wear down, small bars that are molded into the tread become exposed and are visible when the tread depth is below the legal limit.

The number of ridges indicates the level of tire wear, with fewer ridges representing more wear. Seeing these bars is a sign to replace the tires and ensure the safety of both yourself and others on the road.

Never Hesitate to Buy New Car Tires

It’s important to know the signs that you need new car tires or have maintenance done. If you notice any of the signs listed above, it’s time to get your tires checked out.

If you haven’t had to replace your tires yet, remember to check them periodically. Doing so could save you a headache in the future. Call your trusted tire shop today to get your tire situation taken care of.

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