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Everything you need to know about IRU the world’s road transport organization:

  1. The IRU boasts two councils which feature a diverse list of members

The IRU boasts two councils which feature diverse panels of influential industry professionals from around the world. Examples of which include owners of transportation companies, scientists, politicians, and transport sector analysts. All of whom are committed to making improvements to the ways which goods and individuals are transported from one location to another.

  1. The IRU is passionate about making roads safer

The IRU is also passionate about ensuring that the roads in all of its member’s countries are safer roads to drive on than they currently are. As the IRU believes that changes to infrastructure and transport policies as well as new developments in technology, can help roads become safer places for transport workers to go about their day to day jobs in the near future.

  1. The IRU has been around for over 70 years

You may be surprised to read that the IRU has been around for over 7 decades and was originally founded way back in 1949. Initially, the IRU was formed in order to create new transportation links between European cities, in order for building supplies to reach worn torn villages and cities which were destroyed or damaged as a result of World War II.

  1. When it was founded the IRU only boasted 8 member nations

While the IRU now boasts over 73 partner nations, when it was first founded in Geneva in 1949 the IRU only featured 8 member nations. The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and France.

Today the IRU boasts members dozens of member nations which are located outside of Europe. Examples of which include Canada, the USA, Chile, India, Japan, New Zealand and Egypt.

  1. The IRU regularly facilitates transnational projects

Not only does the IRU help member nations organize domestic transport projects but the IRU also helps facilitate and organize important transnational projects. A successful example of which was the successful reopening of the historic Silk Road. Which is an ancient trade route which has been used for centuries to link the East and the West.

  1. The IRU is concerned with the interests of bus, coach, taxi and truck operators

The IRU is primarily concerned with representing the best interest of bus, coach, taxi and truck operators who work in its 73 member nations. On a day to day basis, the IRU focuses on creating new transport policies which will best represent the best interests of transportation workers all around the world.

In conclusion, while the International Road Transport Union has been in operation for 70 years, the IRU shows no sign of slowing down and is likely to still be operation in another 70 years. As the IRU is dedicated to representing the best interests of transportation owners and workers throughout the world!