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Why Louisville is a Great Place to Start a Business 

Why Louisville is a Great Place to Start a Business

Louisville, Kentucky has plenty of advantages, such as having the largest fireworks display in all of North America. You can also find plenty of hot air balloon activities during the derby.

If you’re someone who is wondering whether Louisville, Kentucky is a great place to start a business, then you’re in luck. While finding the right city to start a business in might seem tough, there’s hope.

This article will go over why Louisville is a great place to start a business. Read on to explore the answer to this question and get your business started today. 

Why Louisville? 

When you’re looking for commercial real estate to get started, check out Louisville today. This city is global, competitive, and authentic. 

You’ll also find that it has advanced manufacturing and logistics options, as well as a UPS WorldPort. This city also receives billions in investments as well. 

If you’re looking for an area that has southern hospitality mixed with the midwest, then Louisville is the place for you. It’s a cultural and economic hub for the various surrounding counties. 

Many are starting a business in Louisville because there’s quick access to the city thanks to direct flights to LAX. There are plenty of nonstop flights to choose from to travel nationwide or worldwide. 

Louisville Is Friendly

Louisville is considered one of the friendliest places for small businesses. The mayor states that this city has a pro-business mentality. You’ll also find collaboration with small business stakeholders as well. 

It also receives top marks when it comes to licensing regulations, labor and hiring regulations, and employment. It’s also at the top in the country for tax regulations. 

Great for Manufacturing Companies

Louisville has seen a large increase in manufacturing jobs. You’ll also find that it has plenty of options for Louisville small businesses such as those in whiskey, appliances, and cars. 

The Kentucky Derby also brings in plenty of money as well. A large amount of money it receives is also due to UPS’s processing facility. You’ll also find that Louisville even has plenty of businesses in hospice care, nursing homes, and rehab.

Dentists and lawyers have plenty of businesses in this city. Computer systems design services are another popular option as well.

If you’re thinking of starting a restaurant in Louisville, KY, limited-service restaurants are very competitive but popular in this area. Painting and wall covering contractors can find plenty of work as well. 

Louisville Demographics

You’ll find that Louisville is active in the business world with plenty of mid-sized, small, and large businesses. Some of the top businesses include child daycare services, engineering, electrical, general automotive, and others. 

Forming Your Company

When you’re ready to get started in Louisville, you’ll first need to form your business with legalities. This will protect you from different obligations and business debts. 

This can include S-corporations, Limited Liability companies, or C-corporations. If you decide to incorporate your business in another area, you’ll need to register as a foreign corporation in Louisville. 

After doing so, reach out to the local colleges and universities to see different programs that are available to you. You can also check out the different networking organizations right in Louisville for entrepreneurs. 

Form a Business Plan

Before beginning, it’s important to form a business plan. Have a written description down of what your business will be, your budget, how many employees, etc. 

Raising Money

In order to raise money for your business, you can reach out to friends and family, secure a loan, etc. You can also consider crowdfunding as well. 

This is where you create a pitch, let others know what your business idea is, and offer an incentive to those who help out. You can raise plenty of money with this method. 

Why Live in Louisville? 

If you enjoy bourbon, you can support local businesses, or start your own bourbon business. This is a main source of money for the city of Louisville. The money from tourism then goes toward plenty of businesses and different community programs. 

If you’re an artist, you can consider opening an art business since art is large in Louisville. Performance art is popular too, and you can check out the Palace Theater. There’s also the Actors Theater of Louisville and the Louisville Shakespeare Festival. 

Consider starting a sports business where you sell different attire for sports events such as hats and shirts. The Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals are popular here.

They’re teams with a friendly rivalry when it comes to college sports. You’ll notice that college basketball games sell out as fast as professional NBA games. Consider taking a piece of this pie for your business since they have full-capacity each year. 


Since you’re in the center of the country, you can get to other cities and states with ease. You’re only a couple of hours from Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. You’ll only be about 8 hours from Atlanta. 

Why Louisville Is a Great Place To Start a Business

Now that you’ve explored the answer to the question of why Louisville is a great place to start a business, you should have a better idea if this city is right for you. No matter what business you’re thinking of starting, Louisville has plenty of opportunities and has a mentality of supporting entrepreneurs in their city.

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