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5 Custom Car Accessories for a Personal Driving Touch 

5 Custom Car Accessories for a Personal Driving Touch

Did you know that 95% of American households have a car?

Your car can become an extension of your personality. This is possible because you can put some custom car accessories on it. For example, some custom seat covers can bring out your taste in the finer things.

With this guide, you’ll learn some great ideas for car accessories. These will likely suit your style and needs. Read on and find out 5 great ideas!

1. Bluetooth FM Transmitter

It’s undeniable how everyone found new ways to use their dashboard console. Smartphones are great because of the app-based driving experience. This includes using GPS and listening to music or podcasts.

To make your ride safer, you must ensure that your smartphone is hands-free. Do this by using a Bluetooth FM transmitter instead. It’s especially great for when you want to drive at night.

2. Car Seat Gap Filler

If you want to ensure your car’s cleanliness, this custom car accessory will help a lot. This often comprises two stuffed fabric parts meant to catch errant items that fall on the floor. You no longer have to fish out your fallen coins, earrings, and credit cards.

When you install this accessory, it becomes a seamless part of your car. It becomes natural for you to rely on it when things fall from your grip. This also makes it easier to clean your car since food items are more secure.

3. Custom Rubber Floor Mats

Never settle for cloth or carpeted floor mats. This applies to every car, regardless of your customization options. It’s because you’ll always run into the same problem of bad odors.

Cloth is more absorbent for smells and stains. To prevent this from happening, opt for rubber instead. It repel stains, making the mats easier to clean.

4. Car Phone Mount

This is an important addition to your car because it increases safety. It’s almost a necessity because 81% of Americans own a smartphone. This is a stylish way of securing your phone and improving its hands-free experience.

You can often attach these fixtures onto the dash, windshield, or air vent. Attaching it to the first option often gives a solid hold. This might be surprising since most drivers assume that its surface has poor suction.

5. Custom License Plate

Having a custom license plate is the ultimate car personalization option. You can use your plate to represent anything about yourself. This applies whether it’s your name, ideas, or profession.

You have lots of options for this alphanumeric set. This can even become an investment later on. However, those that hold historical significance may cost more than your average plate.

Depending on the name’s value, expect to pay a few hundred dollars for a custom plate. Visit to learn more!

Get More Custom Car Accessories Today

These are some of the best custom car accessories around. We hope this has given you inspiration as to what to get to bring out your personality through your vehicle.

Are you looking for more tips to improve your car? If so, please consider reading our other guides for more valuable information.

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