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Over Your Head: A Brief Guide to the Different Types of Roofs 

Over Your Head: A Brief Guide to the Different Types of Roofs

How sturdy is your roof?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects you from rain and snow, keeps your home’s temperature under control, and blocks out sunlight; a weak roof can be downright dangerous.

Many people don’t know much about roofing despite how crucial it is. Most don’t realize that there are several types of roofs available. Different roofing materials can have a huge impact on your roof’s performance.

Are you curious about the different types of roofs? Keep reading; this article will explain the key differences between the roofing materials you can use for your home.


Of the many different types of roofs, shingles are the most well-known. Shingles are flat, rectangular elements laid across a roof in an overlapping pattern. Shingles are made from a variety of roof materials.

Asphalt composite shingles are the most common shingle type. They’re affordable, relatively durable, and easy to install. They can last two to three decades if they’re taken care of properly.

Slate and wood are also popular shingle choices. Slate is strong and wood is aesthetically striking, but both are expensive.


Tiles are similar to shingles; they are made from heavy materials and hung in rows from your roof’s frame. Tile tends to be heavy, so it’s great for resisting wind and rain.

Concrete and clay are the most common materials for roof tiles. Their vibrant colors and unique designs make them well-suited to many different roof ideas.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are the best types of roofs for resisting the elements.

Do you live in a region with a lot of snow? Do you live in an area that is exposed to wildfires? If so, a metal roof may be the right choice for you.

You can get metal shingles or a standing seam metal roof. Both versions last longer than many other roofing materials; even when they reach their limit, metal roof replacement is affordable.

Membrane Roofs

Membrane roofs are a popular choice for flat or low-pitched roofs. The eponymous membrane is created from bitumen, thermoplastics, PVC, or other synthetic materials.

These roofs consist of a watertight membrane covered by asphalt. A membrane roof can come in a single layer or multiple layers.

Green Roofs

Plant-based green roofs are uncommon but growing in popularity. Intensive green roofs can support large plant life, while extensive green roofs are thinner and can only support light growth.

If you’re trying to create an energy-efficient home, a green roof is a great choice. They provide excellent insulation, cut down on pollutants, and support plant life. The only downside is their relatively high cost.

Understanding the Types of Roofs

Now that you know what types of roofs are available, you can make an informed decision about your roofing. With your newfound knowledge, you’re sure to choose the best roofs for your buildings.

A new roof is a great way to improve your home, but don’t stop there! Visit our home and garden blog to find articles about interior design, do-it-yourself projects, lawn care advice, and more.

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