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Professional vs DIY Wireless Site Survey: A Closer Look 

Professional vs DIY Wireless Site Survey: A Closer Look

Wireless technology is a must-have for business, yet there are many considerations to make when setting up a wireless network. Because wireless signals are easily affected by even small environmental changes, the setup and management of wireless systems need to be handled expertly.

Whether your business had gone through a DIY wireless site survey or used an industry professional site surveyor in the past, it’s time for a change. You need to enhance your business’s wireless signal with a professional site survey that can meet your company’s needs.

Learn more about how a professional site survey can benefit your company below.

What is a Wireless Site Survey?

Wireless site surveys are used to connect wireless networks that work best for businesses. Typically, the surveys involve analyzing floor plans and testing for RF interference. The goal is to ensure your WiFi works as efficiently as possible.

There are three types of site surveys: passive, active, and predictive modeling. A passive site survey is when a technician physically inspects the inside and exterior of the building and collects radio frequency readings at each WiFi access point.

The only difference between active and passive site surveys is you connect to access points to measure network performance. The third type of survey is a predictive site survey.

Predictive surveys don’t require a physical presence. Technicians use software to simulate the building and its components to determine the best spots for access points. 

Wireless site surveys are essential to your business’s longevity. If you’d like to discover more about the process, use the link to learn about site surveys and how they work. 

Professional Vs. DIY Wireless Site Surveys

A passive site survey is the cheapest route to checking your WiFi’s signal strength. There is another option, though; you could check your wireless network’s signal yourself. 

DIY wireless site surveys are a viable option – if you know what you’re doing. Like most do-it-yourself endeavors, they’re pointless if you don’t have the skill to pull it off. 

There are various ways to get site surveys wrong. On top of lacking skill, you may use the wrong survey equipment. There are a lot of faulty surveying tools peddled by unscrupulous companies. 

Most businesses don’t have anyone with the expertise to correctly perform a site survey. It takes at least six to twelve months to learn WiFi design.

The critical difference between DIY and professional wireless site surveys is you don’t have to worry about mistakes when a professional does the job. 

Want to Learn More About Site Surveys?

If you are considering implementing a new wireless network, consider the difference between a professional and a DIY wireless site survey.

A professional survey will provide you with an accurate assessment of your current wireless environment. It also identifies potential areas of improvement. A DIY wireless site survey may save you some money upfront. But it is important to consider the potential risks and costs. 

There are many more helpful articles on the website. Try the tech tab if you’d like to read more about technology. 

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