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How to Write Better Essays: The Top Tips to Know 

How to Write Better Essays: The Top Tips to Know
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Do you have an essay to write for school or work? Writing an essay isn’t as easy as some assume. Putting thoughts into a cohesive narrative on paper doesn’t come easily for everyone.  

Not all hope is gone, however. There are a few essential methods to simplify the writing process. 

Not sure where to start? We’re here to guide you through it. Here are a few tips to keep in mind and you’ll learn how to write better essays.

Think of the Main Topic 

Focus on an interesting topic relating to the theme or purpose of your essay. Is the purpose of your essay to inform, persuade, convince, or tell a story? 

Choose to compare and contrast, analyze, or describe your topic. Note the strengths and weaknesses of your topic and ways to improve the flaws. 

Create an Essay Outline or Diagram 

To make a diagram, place your main idea in the middle and draw three to five lines branching out. Write down your main ideas at the end of each line and attach more lines to include your thoughts. 

To outline, divide your essay into three: introduction, body, and conclusion. Under each division, place essay instructions and ideas supporting your main topic. In a five-paragraph essay, your three paragraphs will be the body and act as supporting evidence. 

Avoid Using Passive Voice

Why is avoiding passive voice important when learning how to write better essays? Using an active voice makes your essay engaging and tells your readers who or what your subject is and what they are doing. An active voice uses fewer words and makes your writing more concise. 

You can use tools like Hemingwayapp to check for passive voice sentences. 

Use the Traditional Essay Structure 

Start by writing an attention grabber.

Add questions, shocking info, a quote, or dialogue. Write the thesis statement, one sentence giving the main point or claims in the essay. Instead of making it a summary, persuade your readers to continue reading. 

In at least three to five paragraphs, you have to support your thesis statement. Place statistics, facts, research, and any data into your supporting paragraphs. Your conclusion has to bring closure and summarize your ideas giving a final view on your topic.  

Proofread and Edit Your Essay 

Try reading your essay aloud to make sure everything flows, there’s no fluff, and it’s engaging. Remove unnecessary sections and common sense so you have a more comprehensive essay. You can improve your expressions by changing your vocabulary. 

Look at your sentence structures, correct grammar, and spelling mistakes. You can use programs like Grammarly or you can ask for professional help. 

Don’t hesitate to hire experts at Cheap Writing Service. They can help sculpt your work to its finest form.

Now You Know How to Write Better Essays 

Take your time to check every part of your essay and rewrite if your paragraphs are weak or vague. Make sure all your information gives facts and you’re good to go! Now you know how to write better essays!

Why stop with a strong essay, however? If you want more tips and tricks to become even more effective and productive, we invite you to read our other guides! Don’t hesitate to check out our other content right here!

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