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How Does Scott Sandel Become Professional? 

How Does Scott Sandel Become Professional?

If you are looking for an inspirational story, look no further than renowned designer Scott Sandel. This talented artist was once a young man who never imagined that he would become an expert in his field.

But, due to hard work and dedication, he made it. Read on to learn how he went from a self-taught, unrefined designer to a world-class professional.

Career path

Suppose you’ve been watching the movie world lately. He’s a 76-year-old director, producer, and screenwriter with a career spanning more than three decades.

Yet, despite his age, Scott Sandell’s daughter has inspired him to work in the industry and been aiming. His latest project is a substantial 3D event film, “Exodus: Gods and Kings.” Considering the size of the project, he’s not alone.

The production of “Exodus” is so big it’s slated to take over 74 days. The storyline is a three-act affair, with Harrison Ford playing the title role as Rick Deckard.

Scott was inspired to create the film partly by his mother, Elizabeth, a five-foot-tall dynamo who raised three sons while her husband was away at war. Scott has two ex-wives, Felicity Heywood and Sandy Watson.

Early life

Scott Sandell is an American artist who creates artwork based on various media. His work ranges from painting to photography and woodblock printing. It is influenced by early Asian art. He describes himself as a third-generation abstract expressionist.

His work has appeared in solo and group exhibitions since 1977. In addition, some of his images are included in notable public collections, including the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, and Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

Sandell has collaborated with fellow artist Paul Chojnowski on a series of large collages called “Thread lines.” Their first joint project was a series of large collages from Chojnowski’s altered digital photographs.

His work has been shown at auction multiple times. The most expensive of his paintings have sold for $416.

Designing wine labels

Scott Sandell is one of those people. After a stint in the Navy and some years spent at the helm of a small business, he became a professional designer of wine labels.

In addition to his day job, he is a philanthropist, a dedicated sailor, and a lover of all things nautical. During the recent hurricane season in Miami, Sandell and his team of oenophiles hosted the first of its kind, a blind-tasting event in a maritime-themed locale.

One of the most fun events involved the sailor above’s a first-ever ride in a sailboat, a surprisingly elegant affair if you ask us. The resulting experience proved to be a high-point experience for all parties concerned.

While Sandell is a water fan, he admits he isn’t much of a swimmer. He does have a knack for inventing one-liners in the kitchen, though, which he is quite proud of.

An active member of the venture community

Scott Sandell is a leading venture capital investor and has been recognized with several accolades. In his role as a general partner at NEA, he is responsible for directing the firm’s technology investments, a task that has allowed the company to become one of the largest private equity firms in the world.

He is also a member of numerous high-profile boards and serves as the lead independent director of Cloudflare. This company recently made headlines by becoming the world’s largest cloud service provider.

Aside from being the top dog at NEA, Sandell has been named a Forbes Midas List honoree several times. In addition, he has a long track record of investing in various industry-leading companies, including Robinhood Markets, Tableau Software, Workday, and WebEx.

Work in prestigious collections

Scott Sandell is an abstract expressionist, printmaker, and photographer. He lives and works in Sag Harbor, NY. His work is often found in museums, including the Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA, and Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

Sandell is also known for his site-specific works, which include projects for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Doha, Qatar, the Main Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Mito Plaza in Tokyo, Japan.

Other sites that exhibit his work include the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela, and the State Department in Havana, Cuba.

In addition to his solo shows, Sandell has collaborated with fellow artist Paul Chojnowski to create a series of large collages based on Chojnowski’s altered digital photographs. Their collaborative work is called Threadlines.

They have also worked on an annual One Collection project to explore new art and artists’ audiences. It engages students at Central Saint Martins and the eeodo Company.

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