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DIY Bathroom Renovation: How to Renovate a Bathroom From the Floor Up 

DIY Bathroom Renovation: How to Renovate a Bathroom From the Floor Up
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It’s no secret that the home improvement business is a booming industry. After all, people love to have to start projects that involve working around the house. 

No matter how long you’ve owned your home, there’s never an end to the number of ways you can continue to make it bigger and better. Each improvement you make adds to the beauty while also increasing the property value.

One of the best improvements you can undertake is a DIY bathroom renovation. This article takes a look at how to renovate a bathroom in order to take the value of your home to the next level. Keep reading to get the inside scoop for planning and completing this type of project.

Create a Renovation Budget

Before getting started with your renovation, the first step is to sit down and create a budget for the project. This requires taking a close look at your finances in order to estimate the amount you can afford to spend.

It’s important to be as specific as possible. Try to include every possible aspect so that surprise expenses won’t pop up that will escalate costs beyond a reasonable price range.

Choosing a Renovation Design

Next, start sketching out a few ideas for how you’d like the new bathroom to look. This is one of the most fun parts of a master bathroom renovation because ideas are free, thus you can let your imagination run wild. Then once you’ve sketched out your plans on paper, you’ll be ready to get to work.


Now you’ll need to tear out the old bathroom to make room for the new stuff. Keep in mind that you need to be very careful when demoing a bathroom. Make sure that you know where all the plumbing and electrical wiring are located so that you don’t cut the power or cause flooding.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to remove the old materials from the house and properly dispose of them.

Framing the New Bathroom

If the renovation included tearing out the existing walls, new walls will need to be framed in their place. This is something you can certainly do yourself, but don’t hesitate to hire a framing contractor if necessary. The key is to make sure the wall studs are properly space and rewired so that all the electrical can be installed according to your local building code.

Installing the Shower and Fixtures

Now install your shower stall and bathroom fixtures. This is a fun part because you’ll start to see the personality of the new bathroom really begin to come to life.

Installing the Flooring

Choosing the right flooring is extremely important. There are plenty of materials to choose from, based on your preferences and budget. Flooring is another part of the project where a good contractor can make a big difference.

Here’s a great resource for vinyl flooring.

Painting the Walls

Once everything else is complete, go ahead and paint the walls. This is the final step and will provide a splash of color that will create an inviting and soothing atmosphere where you’ll love spending time.

A Homeowner’s Guide for How to Renovate a Bathroom

Your home is where your heart is. That’s why it’s so much fun to invest money to make it look fresh and inviting. Fortunately, these tips for how to renovate a bathroom will help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

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