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Catch it Early: 5 Warning Signs of Diabetes 

Catch it Early: 5 Warning Signs of Diabetes
Diabetes concept with insulin, syringe, vials, pills, and stethoscope.

Diabetes is a major issue in America.

A total of 34.2 million people have it.

More worryingly, the same source states that over 7 million Americans live with undiagnosed diabetes. They have the illness without even realizing it.

Unfortunately, diabetes that goes unchecked for too long can cause serious issues. Everything from cardiovascular illness to nerve damage can occur.

Are you worried that you or someone you love has the disease?

Keep reading to discover 5 key warning signs of diabetes.

1. Constant Hunger

Feeling hungry all the time?

Well, it might be a sign of diabetes.

The condition can lead people to get insufficient levels of energy from their food.

Diabetes effectively limits the amount of glucose (a primary energy source) that enters someone’s cells after a meal. As such, they’ll feel constant hunger, no matter how recently they last ate.

Keep track of your eating to see how it tallies up with hunger levels. Notice a disparity? It might be time to visit the GP.

2. Increased Need to Urinate

As your hunger levels increase, so too can the frequency with which you pee.

As you know, people with diabetes have excessive blood sugar levels. In an attempt to overcome the problem, their kidneys step up to try and flush out that excess sugar from the blood.

The result? They’ll need to urinate more.

3. Constant Thirst

This sign of diabetes relates to the last.

We just learned that people with this illness will often urinate more. In doing so, though, they can end up becoming dehydrated! In other words, they pee more than they drink, which leads the body to lose water.

Anyone who’s started feeling unusual levels of thirst might be suffering from diabetes-related dehydration.

4. Fatigue

Remember how people with diabetes don’t get enough glucose in their cells?

Well, alongside creating feelings of hunger, it can also lead to incredible tiredness. After all, despite the level of sugar in your bloodstream, you lack the energy you might expect from it.

Feelings of fatigue, then, are another warning sign of diabetes.

Being low on energy is a key incentive for seeking treatment.

More often than not, medical intervention will include taking medication such as Januvia and Metformin. Thankfully, both can be used to good effect.

5. Slower Healing of Wounds

As they say, having too much of anything is usually bad news.

That’s definitely the case with sugar in our blood. Amongst other issues, the high blood sugar levels associated with diabetes are known to impair vessels and nerves in your body.

In doing so, it can hinder the circulation of your blood.

This, in turn, can cause any cuts you get to take an age to heal. Of course, anything that heals slowly is never fun. Throw in the added risk of infection, though, and it’s even more troublesome.

Know the Warning Signs of Diabetes

Tens of millions of people in America suffer from diabetes.

And, unfortunately, a reasonable proportion of them don’t even know they have it. Hopefully, the warning signs of diabetes we’ve highlighted above will help you avoid that eventuality.

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