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9 Tricks to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom 

9 Tricks to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom

Did you know that the oldest mattress dates back 77,000 years? Today, you can find a variety of mattresses to fit the size and look of your bedroom.

One of the biggest challenges is making more space in a small bedroom. You might wonder what you can do to make better use of the space.

While it can be overwhelming, there’s hope! Read this guide on the top tips and tricks to maximize space in your bedroom today. 

1. The Murphy Bed

Consider murphy desk beds for your small bedroom. During the day, you can have a space to work at your desk. At night, you can pull the bed out and go to sleep. 

2. Hang Storage

One of the best small bedroom storage ideas is a hanging storage holder. Hang up your toiletries, shoes, socks, etc. They’re convenient to access since they’re on the back of a door. 

3. Hide Laundry

Your small bedroom layout might not have enough room for a large laundry basket. Consider an enclosed hamper with a hole at the top. This way, you can place the items in the top, and no one will see your dirty laundry. 

4. Storage Boxes

Keep storage boxes underneath your bed. When it’s the off-season, you can place clothing or shoes. Be sure that the storage boxes you choose will fit. 

5. Go Vertical

Consider adding shelves across the room. This will save you from having bookshelves or other items that take up space. Then you can store various items including plants, antiques, etc. 

6. Hang Lights

Hang lights in your room instead of having them on the ground. You can even place lights on floating shelves. Whether they’re hanging from the ceiling or wall, there are customization options. 

7. High Bookshelves

Consider having a bookshelf above your bed. Then you can climb onto your bed and reach for a book. You could also have a bookshelf under the bed that rolls out. 

Have shelving for your clothes too! You can have an extension rod and hang clothes in an organized fashion. Incorporate the shelves around the door. 

8. Bed Trunks

Have a trunk at the end of your bed. Not only could it be used as storage, but also as a seat.

Store items to save on space. It could include bedding such as linen. 

9. Bed Drawers

Consider a bed frame that comes with drawers. It’s an excellent way to keep items around the room in a safe place. That way, they’re off of the floor and not hanging out on a chair. 

Ideas To Maximize the Space in a Small Bedroom

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how to maximize the space in a small bedroom. Take your time going through the different options to come up with a plan. 

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