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5 Ways To Have a Great Virtual Meeting With a New Client 

5 Ways To Have a Great Virtual Meeting With a New Client

Now that many businesses are allowing part-time or full-time virtual work, it’s important to learn how to meet with current and new clients remotely. The first few times you hold remote meetings with new clients can be nerve-wracking. But if you do it right, remote meetings can be highly rewarding. Here are five ways to have a great virtual meeting with a new client.

Professional Zoom Background

Unless your home office looks amazing, you probably don’t want your clients to see it during your virtual meeting. Fortunately, you can keep your Star Wars posters and cluttered desk safely hidden away with a Google Meet office background. It’s easy to set up, but can take some time the first time you do it. So make sure you take care of this step long before your meeting is scheduled to begin.

 A custom Google Meet background can help you create the type of image you want to portray to potential clients. There are various backgrounds from which you can choose, but be sure to select one that is not too busy and has a crisp, professional feel.

Eliminate Distractions to Help Focus

Distractions are a natural part of working from home or from any remote location, for that matter. But the last thing you want to happen is for distractions to pop up while you’re having a remote meeting with a new client.

Before your meeting begins, make sure your pets are fed and have water so they don’t bother you during your meeting. You should also close your office door to discourage any unexpected guests from entering during your meeting. Finally, make sure your virtual office background is in place so that if someone (or something) does come into your office during your meeting, your potential clients won’t know.

Prepare Questions in Advance

It can be awkward to have long lulls in conversation when you’re talking with a new client virtually. To help prevent this from happening, have a list of questions on your desk that you can ask if the opportunity arises. These questions shouldn’t be confrontational or invasive. Instead, they should break the ice and help your potential client feel more comfortable talking with you.

Be Ready to Answer Questions

In addition to asking questions of your own, you should be prepared for any questions your new clients may ask you. They’ll probably want to know more about the products or services you offer and may have questions about potential discounts for different purchasing thresholds. Be prepared to answer these types of questions before you sit down for your meeting.

Dress Professionally

It can be tempting to wear sweats or even just underwear on your bottom half since your client won’t see that part of you during a virtual meeting. But this would be a mistake. You never know if you’ll need to get up unexpectedly to usher a child out of your office or grab some paperwork you forgot.. To be safe, it’s always best to dress professionally from the top down.

Meeting with a new client can be nerve-wracking, but you can make a great impression by preparing adequately. Follow the suggestions above to make sure your virtual meeting is a success.

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