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7 Benefits of Mobile Website Designs for Cannabis Businesses 

7 Benefits of Mobile Website Designs for Cannabis Businesses
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The cannabis industry is expected to mature in the next year or two. That means that there’s more competition and just opening your doors to your business doesn’t make you rich.

You need to have a website, and it’s important to invest in mobile website designs to reach potential customers.

Read on to learn the main benefits of a mobile website for your cannabis business.

1. It’s Good for Search Engine Rankings

Google knew that mobile device usage was increasing. Since the company is in the business of providing a great search experience, it made mobile website design a priority.

The company will roll out mobile-first indexing, which means that mobile versions of websites will be indexed by the search engine first. This is the version that will be shown in search results.

It’s also recommended that you provide the same experience on mobile and desktop screens.

2. Your Customers Search on Mobile Devices

Some estimates show that about 72% of internet users will access websites on a mobile device by 2025. Right now, almost half of all users surf the internet on mobile devices.

Your cannabis business won’t appear in search results and it won’t get accessed by mobile users. If they do come across your website, they’re likely to have a poor user experience. 

3. They Also Buy on Mobile Devices

The growth of mobile ecommerce can’t be ignored. If your cannabis business has an ecommerce component, you need to have a mobile version of your site.

You may not think that it’s a problem because your customers are older and use cannabis for medicinal purposes, you’re missing out on a major opportunity.

Seniors tend to use mobile devices at almost the same rate as other people, just not as often. They do use it for two purposes: shopping online and keeping in touch with family members.

4. Your Business Is Being Judged

As these cannabis business tips show, you need to have a great reputation and a site that appeals to your users.

It’s hard to do that if your website shuts out about half of your visitors. About three-quarters of your site’s visitors judge your business. They form an impression when they first reach your site. 

If your site looks like it was created 20 years ago, they’ll be more likely to have a bad impression of your business. You could have an amazing business with the best customer service.

That doesn’t matter if people don’t know about your business and go to your website. That’s like going to the outside of the store and seeing it run-down and in disrepair.

Both of these things will create a negative impression to the point where customers will pass on your business.

5. Your Competition Is Probably Mobile

If you want to get ahead of your competitors, you’ll need to have a mobile site. Your competition is likely to have a site, which means that you’ll fall behind in the marketplace.

If your competitors are behind the times too, this presents a fantastic opportunity to jump ahead.

6. Cheaper Than a Mobile App

Are you thinking about throwing your money into a mobile app to reach a mobile audience? Your money is better spent on building a mobile website than an app. The development costs are way less and you’ll get a sizable return on your investment.

A mobile app is fine, but it should have a very specific purpose. You’ll get more bang for the buck because your mobile site can generate more customers and traffic.

7. More Visibility on Social Media

Your social media marketing will get a boost because you have a mobile website design.

Let’s say that you have a standard site optimized only for desktop devices. You already know that most internet users are mobile phones. If they see an engaging article on your site, they’re not going to wait to get to a desktop device to share the article.

They want to share your content at that moment. By not having a mobile site, you’re missing out on these great opportunities.

Mobile-Friendly vs. Responsive Sites

Now that you know what mobile websites can do for your cannabis business, you need to create one. Let’s start with basic terminology that people use when talking about mobile websites.

The two basic terms are responsive websites and mobile-friendly websites. These two terms are used as though they’re the same thing. They are not.

It has to do with the code of the website. A mobile-friendly website means that you have two separate sets of code that reside on separate URLs.

Most often, you’ll see and The version is served up when you access a site on a mobile device.

This is still less than ideal because there are so many different types of mobile devices that users will have to use their fingers to navigate a page.

A responsive site has only one set of code and one URL. The code makes the website adapt to any screen size, whether a tablet, phone, or desktop. This is so easy to implement, Google recommends responsive code to webmasters.

Mobile Website Designs Are Necessary for Your Cannabis Business

If you want your cannabis business to be successful, you have to have a website. Not just any website will do, though. You need to have a mobile website.

There are many benefits of mobile website designs. You can rank higher in search engines and create a site that appeals to everyone, no matter what device they use. That will turn into loyal customers who buy from your cannabis business often.

Are you ready for more insightful tips to grow your business? Visit the Biz section of this site for the latest news and business growth tips. 

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