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5 Unavoidable Signs It’s Time to Get Septic Pumping Service 

5 Unavoidable Signs It’s Time to Get Septic Pumping Service

Do you have a septic system? Your septic system plays a vital role in the breakdown of wastewater and undigested substances. Making sure that your tank gets inspected regularly is important, so your plumbing system is in optimal health.

There will come a time where you’ll need to have it emptied by a professional, but how do you when you’ll need to do this? This article will go over five unavoidable signs that will tell you it’s time to hire a septic pumping service. If you have no idea, we’re here to help.

1. When Standing Water Is in Your Yard

When standing water is in your yard, this a sign that your septic tank is reaching its capacity. When there’s nowhere for the excess water to go, it flows out into your yard via the overflow pipe.

When a complete backup happens, not only will you see it in your yard, but your sinks and tubs will also have standing water in them.

2. When You Start Notice Slow Draining

Some may think that a slow drain is associated with a clog. Although this could be the case, it can also be a sign of your septic tank reaching near full.

The only way to know for sure is to hire a septic pumping service to inspect your tank and drains to ensure everything is operating correctly.

3. When Your Drains Emit Odors

If you start to notice foul odors, There could be a problem. This could be a sign that there is a leak in your sewer system or a full tank. Tanks need to be emptied every 2-4 years, depending on the usage and size of your tank.

Ignoring this issue could cause more damage to your septic system, So don’t skimp out on any necessary Septic maintenance.

4. Healthy Grass Around Your Septic Tank Cover

Everyone loves lush green grass. But, if the area of grass near your septic tank looks better than the rest of your yard, that could actually mean there’s a problem.

Wastewater leaking into the ground will give grass above extra fertilization. If you don’t find the problem in time, extra water will start to saturate the ground and possibly flood your yard.

Not only will your yard look bad, but it will also emit a foul smell.

5. Unusual Sounds

A septic system functioning properly won’t emit any noticeable sounds. When you start hearing bubbling or hissing after taking a shower or using the bathroom, this could be a sign of trouble. If not, those noises could turn into trouble with your entire system. Make sure to call a plumber to assess the situation.

Septic Pumping Service You Can Trust

When looking for a septic pumping service, you’ll need to find one that can do the job right. Ask friends or neighbors which company they use. Check their reviews online and do some research on their reputation and the services offered.

Once you narrow down a couple of companies, compare their prices. Doing this will give you the best service in your area at the best price.

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