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Do Solar Panels Work at Night? Everything You Need to Know 

Do Solar Panels Work at Night? Everything You Need to Know

In the past few decades, several people have considered the merits of going solar. Increasingly, more homes choose to adopt solar energy as a more efficient means of powering their homes. This fact was especially true in the 2010s, as solar panels became cheaper and more efficient.

However, many people continue to have their doubts and concerns about solar panels. Sure, they may be a clean and renewable energy source, but are they practical? How can the sun power your home at night or on cloudy days?

If these doubts haunt you, then keep reading! In this article, we’ll address how solar panels help your home even when the sun goes down.

Do Solar Panels Work at Night? Yes!

People often wonder if solar panels can operate at night. The short answer to this question is yes. The same remains true for cloudy days.

However, we have to clarify a few things here. Solar panels continue to power your home at night, but they don’t generate electricity at night. Solar panels operate by using solar energy to generate electricity during the day.

At night, the panels power your house through the power they’ve stored from earlier in the day. We’ll talk more about that in the next section.

How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?

In the previous section, we mentioned that solar panels generate electricity during the day. As they generate electricity, they store a supply when the sun goes down. If you’re wondering how that works, the answer is solar batteries.

As solar panels generate energy, they store a portion of it in your battery storage system. When the goes down, your system pulls from that storage to keep your household powered.

Without the solar battery, you can still reduce your electric bill at home. However, once the evening comes, you’ll have to rely on the electric grid again. This reliance makes you more dependent on outside energy sources.

Because of these systems, solar panels make excellent investments for your home. If you’re interested in investigating, check out to see what offers work best for you.

What About on Cloudy Days?

Solar panels continue to operate on cloudy days to draw electricity from the sun. However, overcast skies cause solar panels to lose some efficiency.

Solar panels require full and uninhibited solar exposure to function at their max capacity. On cloudy days, you can expect them to run at 10%-25% of their usual output.

For this reason, people in environments with many overcast days tend to avoid solar panel installation. In a city like Seattle, which often gets cloudy days for more than half the year, solar panels aren’t as worthwhile.

However, don’t get too discouraged. If your system has solar batteries, they can help hold you over for a while until sunny skies return.

Invest in Solar Panels Today!

Solar panels work around the clock to keep you from overspending on electricity. When outfitted with solar batteries, these systems become even more practical and efficient.

So, don’t sit on the fence. Contact a solar company today!

We hope you enjoyed this article! For more like it, check out our other content today.

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